Eden turns 1!

Hard at work

Our resident adorable monster turned 1 on Saturday!

It feels a little hard to believe. Eden joined our family when she was 5 months old, just a skinny little thing, and now she’s growing up into a pretty young lady. She still acts like a wild adolescent 100% of the time, however — something I’ve been told may not change until she’s 3 or 4…

But we love her! We’re thankful for how she’s helped Pyrrha become a more confident, calm dog. The two of them have developed a very happy friendship, which I am pleased to note, after a somewhat tenuous beginning. Now, they have reached a pleasant equilibrium with one another, and they seem to enjoy playing together more than ever before. Watching them play tag and wrestle in the backyard is one of my chiefest delights.

Guion is especially happy to have “a dog of his own.” After Pyrrha unequivocally picked me as the Only Human in Her Universe, Guion was naturally feeling a bit left out. One of our goals for a second dog was a dog who loved Guion. Enter Eden! Thanks to their daily morning games of Frisbee, Guion and Eden have developed a strong bond, and she is just crazy about him. It’s very sweet. (As an added benefit, Eden and Guion’s congenial relationship has also encouraged Pyrrha to warm up to Guion.)

She continues to prove herself as a gifted Frisbee athlete, and we are thankful that her athletic interests involve retrieving (anything and everything). She also loves all people, sometimes too much; we really need to continue working on the don’t-maul-the-guests-with-your-enthusiasm behavior. But after we get past introductions, she’s able to present herself as a calm, mannerly lady, which makes us happy.

Eden has brought a lot of joy and madness into our house, and we are looking forward to many years with her!

Party assistant

Party assistant.

A happier, healthier Eden

Eden is 11 months old today! Time flies when… your life is being ruled by a wild adolescent German shepherd.

Still, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see this pup finally gaining weight!

Dogs in May

Thanks to her daily fish oil supplements, she’s also far less itchy, and her adult coat has developed a pretty, healthy sheen.

Dogs in May

She’s turning out to be quite striking, if I do say so myself.

Now we just have to work at getting her more daily exercise; she never has enough. I think we need a team of teenage puppies to come wrestle with her every day.

Pretty puppy | Eden at 10 months

Eden is 10 months old now, and it seems strange that we’ve had her for half of her life!

Pretty, crazy baby

She’s certainly learned our household routines, and she and Guion have really developed a special bond. It warms my heart, because one of the top qualifications for Dog No. 2 was that he or she would love Guion (as Pyrrha may never truly bond with him as she has with me). Eden has certainly met that requirement. The two of them play Frisbee together almost every day, and Guion certainly is showered with more excitable affection than I am. (Which I am really OK with, because she really goes for you in the morning.)

Pretty, crazy baby

Now that we’ve survived her back-to-back litany of health issues (suspected victim of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency that turned out to be a bad case of giardia → first heat → presumed UTI → gaining weight → cut quick of her nail), she’s doing quite well. She’s also finally packing on the pounds, and I daresay she is turning out to be quite a beautiful girl.

Pretty, crazy baby

But good grief, German shepherd adolescence is exhausting. I know this is true of many (if not all) active, working breeds, but I feel envious of people who have Basset hounds. Or whatever breed just flops around on the couch all day. Eden NEVER STOPS. We had a house guest recently who was watching her and commented, “Wow, does she ever stop moving??” The answer is no, never. Think twice before you get a GSD, folks!

All that said, we love her, and we’re thankful she’s in our lives. Even if she is a wild thing.