Wish List: Found natural rope leash

Found Natural Rope Leash from Olive Green Dog, $62

This would be a HUGE splurge for something as simple as a dog leash, but I love this rope leash from Olive Green Dog.

The leash is 7 feet long and comes in a variety of widths. The width I’d probably go for costs a whopping $62. Which is about six times more than I’d normally consider paying for a dog leash.

But, ah. It’s so beautiful and simple. I bet we could just make this leash, though. If only we could find some soft, durable rope lying around…

What do you think? Would you walk your dog with this leash? Or is it too nautical and tough?

4 thoughts on “Wish List: Found natural rope leash

  1. I personally want that dress. I think that leash might intimidate my Oscy. $62 isn’t too bad though, when you think that a regular ‘ole retractable leash for a small dog cost $30.

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