Breed Love: Standard poodle

I will clean your face now
Standard poodles on the beach. Source: Flickr

In my family, poodles got a bad reputation–for no fault of their own. My dad liked to talk trash about poodles, judging them to be frilly, sissy dogs who weren’t “real dogs.” For the most part, I confess that I agreed with him. My primary interaction with poodles were of the toy and miniature varieties, which I found to be yippy, demanding, and a little bit gross. But then I met a few standard poodles and my mind started to change about poodles.

Standard poodles, while preserving that pretty poodle appearance, are accomplished canine athletes, guide dogs, and obedience ring champions. Plus, they’re almost hypoallergenic! What’s not to love?

Mother's Day
Standard poodles in black and white. Source: Flickr, user ddlou

I find myself taken with these attractive and highly recognizable dogs. You have to admit that they’re adorable. And loyal and super-smart and athletic. My lack of exposure to standard poodles keeps them from ranking in my top five breeds, but if an opportunity ever presented itself, I would be more than happy to welcome a standard poodle into my home.

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5 thoughts on “Breed Love: Standard poodle

  1. Lovely dogs, having a dog at home which can add vitality to the family,thank you for sharing the information about your dogs.

  2. I will be getting my first St. Poodle at the end of the month. I am so excited! She is a six year old , fully trained and ready to play!

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