Breed Love: Great Dane

Ms. Boogerface
Almost the size of a spotted cow. Source: Flickr, user vickijune

OK. So I don’t think I actually want to OWN a Great Dane. Having a Great Dane is like having a small horse in your house. It’s also rumored that a young male Great Dane eats as much as a young lion. This is slightly terrifying. Our wallet and house aren’t big enough, unfortunately, to accommodate such size and appetites.

However, I love the look and temperament of these truly gentle giants and I’m always intrinsically attracted to them when I see one on the street or hogging an entire aisle in PetsMart.

So regal! Source: Flickr, user feeferlump

I can’t resist going up to a Great Dane whenever I see one. They certainly attract a lot of attention wherever they go–and they seem to know it, too. I think they’re fascinating dogs in that they can look so noble and yet so utterly goofy at the same time. They’ll always have my enthusiastic support.

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6 thoughts on “Breed Love: Great Dane

  1. Aaah I saw one of these guys the other day and I just had to go up and say hi! They are so impressive and large, but not in a scary way.

  2. There are a number of Danes that come to our dog park, including one breeding pair. All she ever wants is to go up to people and get petted. He like to play with the other dogs, and for being a fairly young, un-neutered male, he is a really well behaved dog who is capable of playing nicely even with my 23lb terrier. (My terrier think’s he’s the same size as the Dane.)

    Overall beautiful, sweet dogs, though you have to look out for the slobber. Still, I don’t know that I could ever own a dog whose predicted lifespan is 7 years or so. My heart just couldn’t handle breaking that often.

  3. Just came across your post on Danes. I have a 2.5 year old silver/blue merle named Dawson. He is such a love bug! They are expensive but I would never get another breed. Totally recommend. 🙂

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