Cute dog ID tags from Etsy

I’m all about a functional, durable, but cute dog tag. Apparently, I’m also really into hammered metal tags, because those are the ones I keep bookmarking on Etsy. Here’s a sampling of some of the great tags I found:

XL Custom Stamped Pet ID Tag, $16 from The Copper Poppy.

Pablo Square Pet ID tag, $10 from Poochy Couture.

Hello, My Name Is Dog Tag, $10 from BowWowerZ.

Dog Bone Bottlecap ID Tag, $7.95 from BeaCrafty.

Any dog tags you like or would recommend?


4 thoughts on “Cute dog ID tags from Etsy

  1. Oh I love that bottle cap one! Kyuss already has 2 tags (microchip and I.D.) and as cute and tempting as they are, I don’t think I could bear to hear any more jangling when he walks around the house! LOL

  2. I saw these the other day:

    I really like some of the designs, but am sad that they only allow enough space for a name and number. I do like to include a city, too. And if there’s enough space, an urgent phrase like “needs daily medication” (which is true).

    Am also on the lookout for some place that will engrave in Chinese! Haven’t found one Stateside yet though… may have to wait until my next trip to Taiwan.

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