Wish list: Mendota leashes

My enchantment with rope leashes has been well documented here. Thankfully, there is an affordable alternative with the braided Mendota leashes. Even though it’s not rope, Mendota makes leashes that are the (much!) cheaper version of that gorgeous Found rope leash.

Mendota snap leash, $12.19 at DogSupplies.com

After you walk a dog on one of these leashes, you’ll never want to go back to flat nylon! With a few uses, the leash becomes very soft and pliable–but still strong. DogSupplies.com sells a wide variety of styles and colors of Mendota leashes. These leashes are definitely on my wish list for our future dog.

What’s your favorite type of leash?


One thought on “Wish list: Mendota leashes

  1. I prefer leather so my husband found a saddle shop and made us a leather leash out of a piece of harness (I think). DIY leashes. He did a similar thing to the above with climbing rope from Blue Ridge Mountain Sports.

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