Pup links!

You've got your Aussie and your Hunters. What more does a girl need? Source: Shirley Bittner

Elli and Forgiveness. A sweet post about how our dogs are often our moral superiors. (Identity: V+E)

Going Home: “The Perfect Day.” Slate published an excerpt this week from Jon Katz’s new book about saying goodbye when dogs die. Prepare to cry! (Slate)

Dealing with Breed Discrimination. Since we’re leaning toward adopting an adult GSD, breed discrimination is something that I occasionally worry about, especially with regard to renting and traveling. Amy writes some thoughtful points on how to be conscientious if you’re traveling with a dog whose breed is often discriminated against. Has anyone experienced this with their dog? If so, how do you handle it? (Take Paws)

2012 Calendar from River Dog Prints. I’m a sucker for cute calendars and these are adorable! (Dog Milk)

Halloween Costume Roundup. Will you dress your dog up for Halloween? What’s this year’s costume of choice? (Rescued Insanity)

Playground Police. You can always trust the dog to keep law and order. (Animals Being Di*ks)


3 thoughts on “Pup links!

  1. That excerpt from Jon Katz’s new book is one of the reasons I highly recommend his books. They aren’t training how-tos, but there is an amazing understanding of the relationships between people and their pets, and the writing skills to make us all feel it.

    read about my dogs at: http://lifebypets.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for the mention! And, I hope my post didn’t cause you to reconsider adopting a GSD. Even though having Buster does cause some challenges for our traveling lifestyle, I’d prefer to have him and work around the obstacles. He’s such a happy and affectionate boy, and he rarely takes his eyes off me. The relationship that we have with him is much different than our relationship with Ty, whose a typical independent Shar-pei and only pays attention when there’s food involved. All in all, my advice is loving a German Shepherd is like nothing else.

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