Wish list: FURminator

The Furminator.

From all of my reading about German shepherds, a warning that is always repeated is that they are SERIOUS shedders. There is little that can be done to prevent this, but the degree of shedding can certainly be lessened with a healthy diet and regular grooming.

I love grooming dogs. This might be weird, but I think it’s a hold-over from my girlhood. I never grew out of the brushing My Little Pony’s tail-phase, apparently. At one point in middle school, I had even decided that my life calling was to be a dog groomer. While I’m glad I didn’t end up doing that, some days, it still really appeals to me.

The one magic tool I have heard of and used is the FURminator. It’s expensive, yes (ranging from $40 to $75, depending on where you shop. FURminators at a discount can be found at PetEdge), but it really, really helps strip off the dead coat–better than most tools. If you haven’t used one before, you will literally be astounded at how much hair comes off. After just a few minutes of using the FURminator, I think you could very easily stuff 10 full-sized pillows with all of the excess hair.

Dogs seem to love it, too! I’ve only used it a few times on different dogs, but they all seem to enjoy the process, even more than standard brushing. It is expensive, but I think it’s worth it. This is one brush that I’ll definitely be investing in once we bring our future dog home.

Do you use the FURminator? Do you have any other magic grooming tools you’d recommend?


5 thoughts on “Wish list: FURminator

  1. The FURminator is amazing and it works so well! We use ours all the time and love it. I did a blog post about how I was FURminated with amazing photos. I am an Akita/German Shepherd dog a little over a year old and by using the FURminator, we don’t see “tumble weeds” of fur rolling around on the floor any more. For those of you who do not own one of these grooming tools, you should get one! We got ours on eBay at a low price! Check out my blog post on the FURminator: http://nikitaland.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/taming-the-shed-monster/

  2. We finally got a Furminator when the Shiba was about two years old. The price had long put me of — it’s just a dog brush, after all! — but once we got it, we understood what all the rave reviews were about. It is truly a help during shedding season.

    That said, we’ve been using it a LOT less this last year when dealing with Bowdu’s skin, because I think when overused, it can exacerbate existing conditions. I don’t think it only takes dead hair… I think plenty of perfectly good undercoat gets pulled out too. And you never ever want the Furminator to touch skin. If you rake it even gently across your forearm, for example, you can feel just how rough the teeth can be. It’s in the instructions, but they really do mean it when they say to use the brush LIGHTLY!

    These days, I prefer the Zoom Groom for both my double-coated Shiba and short-haired Basenji. It’s extremely simple, significantly cheaper, and doesn’t seem to damage their skin and fur at all. The downside is that it’s a little messier. The fur really goes flying with a Zoom Groom, whereas it’s relatively contained when using a Furminator.

    I also would not have realized that I would need more than one type of brush. I mean, a brush is a brush, right?? Nut uh. Not all grooming tools are created equal…

  3. I was shocked when I saw the Furminator on my credit card bill after my husband ordered it. I’d never imagine paying so much for a grooming tool. That said, it is amazing. And Honey love the way it feels.

  4. I can’t tell you how much I love the Furminator and Milly and Poppet do too! It really helps with getting rid of the fur that would otherwise become hairballs and they just love being brushed and run for the Furminator when it comes out of the drawer.We have actually stopped making these balls now, but here is just how much we got from them – amazing!

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