A collection of cozy dog beds

The pet product industry has expanded to such an extent that I’m regularly astounded at the types of things that are available for pets when I walk through a store. It’s mind-boggling and sometimes embarrassing to see the useless stuff people will buy for their dogs. But, of course, I love looking and preemptively deciding what I want to get for our future dog (6 months and counting!).

Lately, I’m thinking about dog beds. What will our dog prefer? What would look good in our own bedroom? Will our dog even want to sleep on his or her own bed? (Probably not. Clearly, our bed will be prime real estate.) We bought a lovely sherpa-lined bed for my childhood dog, Emma, but I don’t think she ever slept on it. She got in bed with my younger sisters instead, or sneakily climbed up on the couch (where she wasn’t allowed).

Some of these dog beds are so plush and cozy-looking that I kind of want one for myself…

Hemp stripe dog beds, $145-$185, Olive Green Dog

I love these hemp-stripe beds from Olive Green Dog. Too bad the large size is $185…

Bergan the Dog's Dog Bed, $50-$72, PetCo

A nice, earthy color, too. Bergan the Dog’s Dog Bed, from PetCo, from $40 to $70. Now that’s a price I can live with…

K&H Pet Products Bolster Couch, $60-$80, PetsMart

Every dog I know loves to rest her head on the couch arms. This bed attempts to simulate that experience. A pleasant color, too. K&H Pet Products Bolster Couch, from PetsMart, from $60 to $80.

Luxury Chaise Lounge dog bed, Drs. Foster & Smith, $100 to $170

Um, can I get one of these for myself? Drs. Foster & Smith has a lot of high-quality dog beds in their catalog. This is the Luxury Chaise Lounge dog bed, and it prices from $100 to $170.

Organic lounge dog beds, $119-$279, Olive Green Dog

So classy! With the large size at $279 at Olive Green Dog, they ought to at least be classy.

Martha Stewart's Houndstooth Dog Bed, $44 at PetsMart

A classic pattern for a classic pooch. Martha Stewart Pet’s Houndstooth Dog Bed, $44 at PetsMart.

Does your dog have his or her own bed? Any particular type or brand you’d recommend?

4 thoughts on “A collection of cozy dog beds

  1. I totally share your frustration about expensive doggy beds. It’s ridiculous.That’s why I always make them myself. Just buy a cheap feather bed (or synthetic, that’s more easily washable), and make the cover out of a fleece blanket. My large dog has a very thick, long, fur coat, so she gets warm very quickly. For her I decided to use a baby mattress with a feather bed on top, in seperate covers. It’s soft enough, but not too warm. She loves it! Even my Dachsie loves it, but that’s just silly 🙂


    The whole thing cost me about 15 Euro, which is about 20 USD

    Best wishes from Holland,


  2. SOOO many dog beds out there!! My dog Willy has adored every singled bed he has had in his 13 plus years of life (yes he has worn out a few)…although yes, mimicking what you said, he is quite a fan of MY bed as well 🙂
    I always looked for cozy + not tacky AND whatever was on sale. I never gravitated to any specific brand. But I do know that any bed with a some kind of lip or “arm” surrounding it was Willy’s favorite – all for resting his little head.
    p.s…I’m excited FOR you and your countdown to getting your dog!! yay!

  3. When we are home, our bed is the place to be, and that is most definitely where our dogs sleep. However, we did buy dog beds for the garage- big ones for our boys, both from CostCo. One has a soft, sherpa-like covering on the top and the second was just cloth. Smokey liked the sherpa, Moree preferred the smooth cloth. I think both are filled with cedar chips, and the covers are washable.
    For the Beagle’s crate, we went with a bed that looks exactly like the Olive Green Beds, only it was made by Kong. It was the one thing that her sharp little puppy teeth couldn’t destroy (not that she didnt’ try).

  4. For puppies buy lots of big soft (read> well used towels from the local thrift store-wash with some bleach) i use 4 or 5 in the crate, One rolled up is good for pups head and another as a bolster for comfort. Extras are great in the car,at the side door to dry off or use as a “lay down’ mat when out visiting.I even use one to stand on at the side door when first coming inside.
    Puppies need easily washable NONE shredding/NONE chewable bedding,so anything with no filling is best. They can also can be cut up & kept in a bucket for pee accidents- and again so washable.
    We have an amazing large sheepskin-but the latest pup pulls it apart piece by teeny tiny piece.
    so for now (though it is cuddly and warm) it’s back in the closet.

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