Puppy love

What's better than an Aussie puppy?
Huck. Our friends' new Aussie pup.

Too busy to write much today, but yesterday I got to meet our friends’ brand-new Australian shepherd puppy. World, meet Huck! Isn’t he precious? As all Aussie puppies are.

Jodi and Michael got him from a breeder in Palmyra and brought him home just a week ago. He’s apparently settling in very nicely and training has started to go smoothly. The great part about Huck’s new life is that Michael, who works at a winery in the countryside, takes Huck with him to work every day. What an ideal life for a young Aussie!

I’m thrilled for Jodi and Michael’s latest addition and I hope they’re OK with me spontaneously “dropping in” to play with the little guy.

Fuzzy puppy
Fuzzy puppy.

I was also reminded of how nearly impossible it is to photograph puppies. Always on the move!

Happy Monday! Hard to believe Christmas is so soon!


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