Something is always escaping

Source: Shirley Bittner.

“Try to say what you love about your partner, or what it is about someone that produces in you an intense state of erotic excitement or longing, or even how it feels, precisely, to have a fever–soon it’s obvious that we, too, are only partial citizens of the world of language. Something is always escaping; dogs are a kind of figure, an extreme example of that difficulty, and it makes them all the more cherishable.”

— Mark Doty, Dog Years

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! I will be back at the blog in January. Looking forward to a much-needed vacation with family and friends down south. Hope you all enjoy very peaceful, happy, and dog-friendly holidays!



2 thoughts on “Something is always escaping

  1. Dear Abby

    I have your blog set in my favorites, great place for Dog Lovers, I write you this message to say how impressed I am by your notes and reviews, I have a very unusual book coming out next year and would love to send you one to review. (John Bradshaw has written some text for me and I have extracts from Alexandra Horowitz. Its all a bit secret at the moment, The book will be out in the USA ( and available globally soon after ) fall 2012, but I should have a review copy in late summer 2012. Warmest wishes

    do drop me a line 🙂

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