A collection of classy and cozy collars

Tory Burch dog collar. Yeah, right.

The SPCA introduced me to one of the greatest pieces of dog gear: The martingale collar. Almost all of the dogs at the SPCA are fitted with a Premier martingale collar when they arrive. These collars, which tighten without choking, have saved me from losing an unruly and bucking pup many times. They are most useful for hounds, or for breeds with long necks who are easily able to slip out of standard collars, but I’m a huge fan of them and plan on getting one for my future dog, regardless of his or her breed or breed mix.

While we’ll probably just end up getting the standard, unfussy cloth martingale collar, here are some pretty collars I can daydream about…

2Hounds Design, $36.

Victorian Bronze martingale collar from 2Hounds Design, $36. 2Hounds has so many gorgeous, embroidered martingale collars. I know they’re typically just used for greyhounds, but I’d put one of these beauties on any dog.

Classic Hound martingale collars, $32.

Geo Flax martingale collars from Classic Hound, $32 for the large. I like the fabric on this collar a lot; it’s retro/trendy without being garish.

Classic Hound martingale collar, $34.

Desert Winds Blue martingale collar from Classic Hound, $34 for the large. Also really pretty. Apparently, I’m very partial to Eastern-inspired embroidery. These are probably only appropriate for lady dogs, though?

Stunt Puppy collar at Olive Green Dog, $22.

Stunt Puppy Biothane waterproof collar, $22 at Olive Green Dog. The promise of a stink-free collar is pretty tempting. It’s also apparently “one size fits most,” which is kind of amazing–but I think it is primarily for medium to large dogs.

Tuff Stuff collar from Olive Green Dog, $22.

Tuff Stuff 2″ leather collar in burgundy from Olive Green Dog, for $22. Now THAT’S a manly collar.

Bold Designs collar, $39.

Bold Designs collar, $39 at Olive Green Dog. Another manly collar. I like the brass/gold detail. It looks very sturdy.

Martha Stewart houndstooth collar, $12.

Martha Stewart Pets Houndstooth collar, $12 for the large at PetsMart. Very classic.

FOUND collection waxed canvas collar, $48.

FOUND collection, blackwatch plaid waxed canvas collar, $48 at Olive Green Dog. I just love everything the FOUND collection does. Especially that absurdly expensive rope leash. This collar is also absurdly expensive. I don’t buy clothes for myself that cost that much.

Do you have a favorite collar you’d recommend?

5 thoughts on “A collection of classy and cozy collars

  1. Excellent collection!

    I also LOVE love love the Martingale. I knew nothing about them in Taiwan, when we first got Bowdu, and could not find them when I *did* eventually hear about them. He slipped out of everything else we tried. After moving back to the US, getting him a Martingale was on of the first things I did. I saw it in action right at the pet store — one vigorous backwards tug, no escape, and he immediately quit trying to shake out of his restraints all the time.

    I’m actually looking for a Martingale right now. Bowpi needs one. She’s been wearing just a plain buckle collar all this time, which has worked out pretty well because she doesn’t really try to escape. But lately, we’ve heard so many stories of Basenjis slipping loose, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. I am planning on going with this collar maker, but I’ll look over your list one last time and see if anything else grabs my attention.

  2. We may need to investigate a Martingale collar for our little terrier. It doesn’t take much loosening for him to be able to back out of his regular collar. He’s very possibly a terrier/whippet mix, so it makes sense that he might need a collar designed for a site hound.

    And I do always see the really wide Martingales on Greyhounds. They’re often lovely, but just a little too busy for me.

  3. Martingales are the best collars, hands down. One place to add to your list: Dogs Art (http://www.dogs-art.net/). The backing is a great, soft leather and they are custom sized. Andrea will also do custom work with ribbons that you choose and mail to her. I have several of her collars and they are by far my favorite. And, still incredibly inexpensive!

    I will vouch for the Stunt Puppy no-stink collar. We have one and my dog wore it to the dog park in the stinky pond and it does NOT retain any smell. It’s a great collar.

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