Pup links!

A young Elizabeth Taylor holds court with three dogs. Source: LIFE Magazine.

I was very flattered this past week to receive a mention in the “You Are an Inspiration Awards” from Pamela at Something Wagging. I’ve been so encouraged by Pamela’s blog since I started my dog research, and I look forward to continuing to follow hers and Honey’s adventures.

That said, here are some great dog-related links from around the Web this week:

Therapy Dogs: Born or Made? Patricia McConnell reflects on the qualities a great therapy dog should possess and discusses the age-old question of nature vs. nurture. Basically, if you have a calm, perhaps older golden retriever, your dog should be doing therapy. Bo and Dally would be IDEAL candidates, maybe when they’re older. Goldens were just made for this stuff. (The Other End of the Leash)

My Favorite Dog Training Books. Crystal lists some of her favorite training manuals. I need to read some of these myself! (Reactive Champion)

An Uphill Battle: Tartar in a Kibble-Fed Dog. Stephanie, the Biologist, discusses the problems of tartar buildup in her kibble-fed dog and debunks the popular myth that kibble cleans dogs’ teeth. (Musings of a Biologist and Dog Lover)

Hallmarks of Quality Dog Food. A list of ingredients to look for (and avoid) when shopping for kibble. (Whole Dog Journal)

Thoughts on Punishment. Reflecting on moving beyond basic punishment paradigms in training. (Save the Pit Bull, Save the World)

Your 2012 Fitness Plan for You and Your Dog. A practical and motivational guide to getting you and your dog in shape for the new year. A dog is such a great motivator for me to get outside and move! (Pretty Fluffy)

Comparing Bergan and Kurgo Dog Harnesses. The most widely traveled dogs give their reviews of two car harnesses. I’ve thought about getting something like this for our future dog. How does your dog travel in the car? (Take Paws)

One Big Dog on a Little, Kitty Bed. I love it when dogs (and cats!) mix up their beds. It’s always funny. (That Mutt)

Indigo: The Hockey-Loving Dog. This focused border collie reminds me of Emma, my childhood Aussie, who was fixated whenever we played hockey on the cul-de-sac. We kind of drove her crazy. It’s torture for a herding dog to watch such a game and not be allowed to get out there and HERD! (Shirley Bittner)

The Dog. My dear friend Rachel writes about her dog Cider‘s displays of devotion when she comes home. So sweet! (Mixed with Gold)

5 thoughts on “Pup links!

  1. Thanks for the mention, Abby! We’d definitely encourage you to get a harness for future dog. Establishing the harness as part of the routine of going someplace makes it very easy for the dog to accept. Dogs that have had the opportunity to bounce around in the car and then get harnesses may have more difficulty accepting their new confinement. And, having the pup secured is not only safer for them, and for you, eliminating that distraction also makes it safer for everyone else on the road.

  2. I just wanted to say that safe travel with a dog is one of my pet issues and its great that you are thinking about a harness to keep her restrained in the car. My dog travels in a crate strapped in at the back of our station wagon because otherwise she gets very anxious. We tried a harness but for some reason she panics. Whether you go with a harness or some other means of restraining your dog in the car, kudos for thinking about your future dog’s safety… so many otherwise responsible dog owners don’t even think about this issue.

  3. You posted some great links. I really enjoyed McConnell’s post on what makes a good therapy dog. I don’t know if I’m a good therapy dog handler but I see Honey has a lot of potential as a therapy dog.

    Thanks for the shout out. Honey and I are happy to keep having adventures. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the post dog food is very necessary that your dog must eat some dry dog food always. The crunchy pieces in the food keep your dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy, and provide essential fiber. If you want to give your dog saturate dog food apart from dry, use it sparingly; a small spoonful along with warm water makes good gravy over dry kibble.

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