New dog shopping list

Lab in a built-in dog bed. Click for source.

My serious type-A self has, of course, already made a detailed shopping list and budget for our future dog. Here’s my preliminary list. What do think? What’s missing?


  • Martingale collar.
  • 6′ leash.
  • ID tag.
  • Clean-up bag dispenser for leash.


  • Crate.
  • Bed.
  • Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner.
  • Old towels.


  • High-quality, grain-free kibble/whatever the dog was eating previously to ease the transition.
  • Stainless steel bowls in a raised feeder.
  • Healthy treats.
  • Furminator.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Shampoo.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.


  • Car harness or other form of restraint.


  • Standard Kong, or assorted chew toys.
  • Rope toy.
  • Tennis balls.

Now, to figure out how to budget for this!

6 thoughts on “New dog shopping list

  1. Well, since I also write a personal finance blog…
    The answer is one step at a time. “Start up” costs are always greater than maintenance costs, so you need to figure that you’ll spend a few hundred more dollars the first year than later years (with the exception of major vet bills).
    Start saving now. Sock away $10-$20 a paycheck. Or $5 is that’s all that works. But start budgeting now like you already have the dog, and take the dog money and put it in it’s own savings account (or a sock drawer) and that way you learn to live on the dog budget before you have to, making the transition easier, and it gives you a available start up funds.

  2. Great list – I don’t give my dogs tennis balls because the balls have an abrasive texture which can wear teeth down and dogs can shred. I buy Planet dog orbee balls which are a soft rubber and are not easily shredded. Another thing to consider budgeting for is pet insurance. Especially good to have as dogs get older. Good luck!

  3. Everything you need will depend on type/age/size of dog you bring home.
    It’s breed or breed/combo will have a genetic “pull” – i:e: the border collie energy,the lab and retreiving & love of H2O etc.
    Keep an eye OUT FOR HIGH QUALITY sales but don’t over buy.
    Your new dog may like soft squeeky toys or the rubbery style ball.
    Depending on his/her history your pup may not even know how to play.

    Unless you REALLY know how to use a martingale, don’t use one.

    There are great waterproof/washable protectors that you can buy for the backseat of your car.
    They attach to the back and front headrests and create a sling style bed to protect your car seats. I got a great one for $20 and it’s lasted for 3 dogs. (uh-i hate to say it>> @ “wallymart”).

    I highly suggest a “long-leash; as i call it or a training lead. Not too too long. usually 12 feet is enough. When you go for walks in the forest it lets pup have some sniff freedom yet you still have control so it won’t wander/get lost/run off. As you and pup are more comfortable as companions you can let it trail behind the dog and if need be you can step on the end. It’s super for training.

    Forget about pet insurance. Budget a specific amount each and yes! put away for future health care.

    Find a vet.

    when you can afford it- buy a leather leash. They are so much easier on the hands than nylon.
    Sometimes the service dog foundations have gift shops that you can order from-that’s how I got my leather leash. It has clips on both ends and several D’s ring so I have multiple options
    for lengths.

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