The kind of crazy dog lady I want to become

OK, maybe not THIS crazy... Click for source.

I don’t want to be the kind of crazy dog lady (CDL) who has so many dogs that she tiptoes the line of being an animal hoarder. I want to have the right number of dogs that I can adequately care for, train, and love. (In my mind, that’s 3 at max for me, but we’ll see… I know some people can definitely handle more. Starting with one for a few years, and then we’ll see how that goes!)

I don’t want to be the kind of CDL who is constantly judging other dog people or freaking out about differences in the way we rear and raise our canines. I want to be humble and gracious, always willing to learn from someone else and always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t want to be the kind of CDL who neglects personal care. I want to take great care of my dogs and great care of myself–as much as that’s possible! I know people who do both.

I don’t want to be the kind of CDL who sacrifices human relationships constantly or pushes people out of her life for the sake of her dogs. I want to maintain strong, intimate, and healthy relationships with humans, as much as I may be tempted to neglect them for the love of dogs.

What do you think? Is it possible for a CDL to be all of these things?


4 thoughts on “The kind of crazy dog lady I want to become

  1. Or you may cross the line and end up like me with a dog sanctuary in your home.
    You sound right on – know your limit, what you want to do with your dog(s) and absolutely maintain the human connection.

  2. My most recent pup and i are taking classes. I am fairly quiet in this class of 9 dogs.
    Last week the instructor suggested i be a little more animated, a little higher pitch,
    more “pup-pup-pup” so i could capture his attention.
    My response;
    “My husband’s watching”.

    She told me to cross to the other side and become a crazy dog lady! (we whispered)

    I usually praise,coach,encourage,nudge,hug,lay on the floor beside pup,
    love,belly rub,verbally pitch my voice high/low,treat with joy,and just generally let pup know how well he is learning. I am thrilled when he remembers what i have taught him.
    Our connection enhances my life. My connection with other dog lovers complements my interest in people and their pets. I have made very good friends through their dogs and the dogs I puppy raise.They are supportive and offer a shoulder to cry on each time i return a pup for his formal training.
    I love puppy breath and old dogs who lean against my leg for stability.

    I am a crazy dog lady.

  3. It is ENTIRELY possible for a crazy dog lady to have hygiene, social skills with people, and a house that non dog people can still stand to go to.

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