Play date with Bo and Zoe

While their mamas were out of town, Zoe and Bo got to have a play date. My friend Celeste and I, acting as their temporary caregivers, organized a little play date with the two. My dear friend Angela was also in town for the weekend and so the three of us enjoyed our afternoon with the dogs. It was a beautiful spring-like day and I think they had a lot of fun romping around Zoe’s yard.

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Zoe was initially a little taken aback that we had introduced this gregarious, blond ruffian into her yard. Bo would try to chase her around, tackle her, but Zoe primly refused. After a few minutes of unsuccessful romping, Bo quieted down and they calmly followed one another around the yard. Zoe ended up seeking us for belly rubs while Bo, in typical fashion, rummaged through the compost heap (despite our best attempts to stop him).

After half an hour of play time in the yard, we took Zoe and Bo on a walk through the nearby neighborhood, which I think we all thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to get to do this kind of thing with my own dog!

Do you ever organize “play dates”? Do you have any recommendations for making them go smoothly? Bo and Zoe were a pretty good match for one another. Even though Bo’s energy level exceeds Zoe’s, they’re both very mild-mannered and easy going pups. I hope I’ll be able to find one of those myself…


9 thoughts on “Play date with Bo and Zoe

  1. I am obsessed with that Golden. I’ve been researching them incessantly and have l dreamt of them for the past six nights… And now I want one more than ever.

  2. We tend to arrange play dates at the dog park. It allows the dogs to play with each other if they want, or play with other dogs who are more their speed. That way there’s no pressure on anyone, but the dogs still get a chance to meet and interact in neutral territory, making it much easier to later bring our dogs to someone else’s house or have their dogs come to our’s.
    As a note, it can take dogs a long time to warm up to one another. When we went to adopt Smokey, the shelter required that they see interatction between Smokey and Moree before we could bring the new dog home. The two dogs ignored each other for over 20 minutes, and the shelter staff member wasn’t certain she was going to let us adopt Smokey.
    By the time we lost Moree 6.5 years later, they were incredibly bonded.

    1. I’m glad to hear your shelter was careful re: dog to dog interaction and compatibility. It is tough to know in a very short time whether or not dogs will match; much better to do a weekend stay to adopt if able. Much better to ignore one another than outright aggression, for sure! Happy your dogs bonded – and you have wonderful memories.

      Re: play dates – I offer them to others to join us here. With over an acre fenced and the ability to limit who is out with whom, this can happen very well. On the other hand, when recently we wanted to check out two dogs as your dogs were, we took them to a nearby park (neutral territory); they ignored each other and sniffed – both Beagles LOL. They now are doing fine together in their new

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