Golden twins

My friend Celeste was dog-sitting again this weekend, this time for a young golden named Levi. Bo‘s mama was out of town again, so we naturally agreed that another play date should happen.

Watching these two romp around was so entertaining, particularly because it was hard to tell them apart most of the time! Their different collar colors were often our only indication of who was who.


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Bo and Levi were quite evenly matched, both in size and energy level. Bo just turned 3 and I think Levi is a few months over his 1st birthday.

The thing that surprised me the most, probably, was how much humping was going on. Both dogs are neutered, young males, but the humping went on forever. They didn’t seem annoyed with each other because of it, which was also interesting–they’d take turns humping each other, and then just go back to chasing and wrestling. Pretty funny…

Looking forward to even more of these play dates in the future, particularly now that the weather is getting warmer and more pleasant. Watching Bo and Levi increased my hope that our future dog will play nicely with others; it’s so joyful to watch dogs romp around together.


2 thoughts on “Golden twins

  1. Oh, they look like a lot of fun! All that hair, though! I’d need a much better personal ethic to deal with that much dog hair, beautiful though they are.

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