Dog jobs I daydream about

Me in my daydream day job... Click for source.

When I’m sitting in my gray cubicle, staring at a computer screen, I can’t help but daydream about what I’d rather be doing instead. Those daydreams usually involve me frolicking in a field with my future dog, or a whole pack of my future dogs. These are some quasi “jobs” that I often daydream about having, even though I’m sure they’re all far less glamorous than they are in my imagination:

  • Reinforcement trainer, a la Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller, or Karen Pryor. I daydream about this a lot. I’ve even sporadically browse the CCPDT website to read about their testing requirements, recommended reading, and timeline for becoming a certified trainer. I love watching dogs learn and teaching them–and especially their humans–how to shape appropriate or desirable behavior. I still have so much to learn in this area, but I’m looking forward to the trial-by-fire that will be coming our way this summer.
  • Full-time dog walker/runner, a la Lindsey Stordahl. That is one fit and adventurous woman! I say I want this job now, but in reality, I’m not sure how long I would love it, since it calls for being outside regardless of the weather (I can’t believe she does it in Fargo). Mostly, though, I’m up for it, because hardly anything brings me as much joy as walking dogs.
  • Agility trainer/co-competitor. (What do people who do agility with their dogs call themselves?) I am probably not as competitive as most of these people are, but everyone looks like they are having such a darn good time! I love watching agility trials and it’s a nice daydream to entertain, raising up an agility champion…
  • Shepherd. Or a farmer with lots of dogs, I guess. But having a team of dedicated herders at my disposal is also a nice dream.
  • Volunteer in some dog-based therapy program. Dog-assisted therapy is so moving and meaningful to me. I am especially fond of the programs in elementary schools, whether teaching kids how to behave around dogs or being reading partners. I also love the idea of visiting nursing homes. I wonder if I’ll ever have a dog calm enough to do either of those things…
  • Writing the daily blog from the perspective of Martha Stewart’s French bulldogs. OK, maybe not really, but whatever intern has that job has it made! Just hanging out around her estate, photographing the dogs doing silly things, and then writing about it? Yes, please. I’ll take that job.

Do you entertain any dog job daydreams? Or do you actually HAVE one of these jobs? If so, I envy you… in my imagination…

11 thoughts on “Dog jobs I daydream about

  1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does this.

    I keep saying that if I hit the lotto, I’ll get involved in Doberman rescue, and do a training business. Need money to make money, and make a difference.

    Really, blogging (for money!) and dog walking, with some training, would be a lovely life.

      1. They are!

        It’s funny, I got to work today, and my coworker said “Oh, I made a photocopy of your business card and gave it to that cat sitting lady. She was asking about dog trainers.” I was like “Yessss!” So we’ll see if I hear from, well, anybody. Ever.

  2. I really like your passion for dogs, and the jobs you list sound very exciting! I have sometimes thought about establishing a dog-minding business. Where we lived before we sometimes met the dog-minders in a park, typically surrounded by a pack of 10-20 dogs – off leash! It always impressed me, and I have no idea if I could do that. We have 2 dogs, and they don’t always do everything I say.

    Here in the outer suburbs where we live now, it appears as if there are dogs in almost all of the houses, but we rarely see any being walked. We hear them a lot though! Barking, howling, behaving erratically… it sounds like there is a wolf pack in the neighbourhood! I wonder if people would be willing to pay (enough) for someone to look after their dogs when they are working – I suspect not.

    I am almost at the point of concluding that apartment life can be much better for dogs because they get many more walks, more training, are typically surrounded by parks and meet lots of other well behaved dogs that are also being walked in residential areas with apartments. We lived in a 1 bedroom flat with our dogs when they were puppies, both worked from home, they got 5 – 6 walks per day, went on cafes, played with pther dogs in the parks and on the beach etc. Now they get 1 – 2 walks and rarely meet other dogs – and the ones we do meet are often not social.

  3. I’m actively working to grow my canine massage therapy practice while working full time to ensure we can pay the bills and fund the business too. Keep the faith – may of us pursue second careers!

  4. Right now I am living my (minor) dream and with great satisfaction too!
    I work part-time and foster future service dogs. The sick part is that the latest pup is 7 months old and though I dreadfully fear his re-call (maybe mid July) I prepare myself by dreaming about the next pup (and how to correct all my “timing” goofs).
    Otherwise an outdoor life where dogs don’t have to be leashed and can follow me around all day. : ) through “hill and vale”.

  5. I don’t know if it’s my fantasy to earn my living working with dogs. For instance, a lot of trainers spend most of their time dealing with crazy people.

    But it’s certainly my fantasy to be able to have a flexible life with lots of room to spend with Honey and to foster dogs and do other volunteer work. I think you’ll find lots of us in blogland understand your desire.

  6. I’m actually one of those lucky enough to walk dogs and make a living of it. I’ve had my business in Southern California for 10 years, so as you can imagine, I rarely have to deal with bad weather, as it’s always between 60 – 80 here at the beach, and hardly rains. I consider myself very blessed to be outside everyday, with my furry friends to keep me company. You just can’t beat it!!

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