Inter-species friends

Source: Cute Overload.

Inter-species friends are my favorite, favorite thing in the whole wide world. Animals playing with different animals! This thrills me to my core and I become like a six-year-old girl whenever I see an example of this, the most glorious feature of life on planet Earth.

I recently watched the 1988 film adaptation of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” (featuring a rakish Daniel Day-Lewis and a perfect Juliette Binoche). The couple, Tomas and Tereza, adopt a puppy (played by a totally charming Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen) and name her Karenin, after the novel they were reading when they first met. After the Soviets invade Prague, Tomas, Tereza, and Karenin flee to a farm in the Czech countryside, where Karenin befriends the farmer’s beloved pig, Mefisto. The scenes of Karenin and Mefisto just lounging together in the grass, the dog lovingly sniffling the pig… ah! My favorite. I wish I could find a screenshot to share with you. (M.C., I kept thinking about you and your canines in film project! This could be one for your review.)

Does your dog have a friend from another species? (Excepting yourself, of course.) In the examples I’ve seen of dogs and cats living together peaceably, it seems that the cat is most definitely the overlord and the dog understands his or her place as the humble serf. And maybe “friendship” is too generous a term there, but coexistence is still heartwarming between a pair so often painted as eternal enemies. I really, really hope our future dog makes some inter-species friends, although this seems less likely with a German shepherd, who seem to want to chase and strangle most things that move…

Musings aside, here are some more examples of inter-species snorgling, because I can’t help myself! Dogs, being friends with other animals, as featured on the matchless Cute Overload:

Puppy and cheetah friends! Cute Overload.
Puppy and budgie friends! Cute Overload.
Corgi and imprinting ducklings! Cute Overload.
Hound and orangutan friends! Cute Overload.
Dog and bear cub friends! Cute Overload.
Dog and iguana friends! Cute Overload.
Dog and baby bun friends! OMG. Cute Overload.
You may not touch the dog. Puppy and monkey friends! Cute Overload.

OK. I have to stop. I need to go do something with my life, because I could do this for hours and hours on end…


4 thoughts on “Inter-species friends

  1. Adorable.

    Honey has a kitty friend who lives a block away. When we walk by, the kitty comes over to say hello. They sniff and greet each other and then the cat will walk with us a little while. One time, she followed us all the way to the house.

    I’m not ready for another animal. But I’ve wondered if I should get Honey a kitty companion.

  2. Great photos. The cheetah cub and dog is definitely my favorite! Tala now spends her time be-friending goats that are destined for the pot at our neighboring restaurant (they are tied up outside)…. She quite sweetly head-butts back when they head-butt her! I will do a post of this soon! But in Sudan she got along wonderfully with the horses. She used to sit patiently on the sidelines through the whole polo match as a puppy as she knew she would get to go for a canter with the horses afterwards. Pictures of Tala and our horse here:

  3. Interspecies snorgling is one of my favorite CO categories. I still dream of integrating a cat into our home someday, but at this point it’ll probably have to be when Bowdu’s too old to chase…

    I also STILL want a pet goat. But the backyard isn’t big enough… when I finally get one, my patience WILL be rewarded with interspecies snorgling, dammit.

    And I will add the title to my list! I would happily take screencaps for you if you’d honor my blog with a guest review… 😉

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