Birthday presents

My friends and family know me very well. For my birthday this past weekend, I was showered with lots of fun, new swag for the future dog:

Birthday presents.

Liz (Bo’s mama) gave me a cornucopia of wonderful dog things: The Kong toy I’m calling the “octo-bunny,” on your left, which she says has lasted the longest of any of Bo’s chew toys; the bag dispenser which is discreet and just what I would have picked out myself; the Kong Extreme, able to withstand the most devoted chewer; and the cute PetCo tennis ball.

My dear friend Eva gave me the gift card to PetSmart, which I will definitely put to good use very soon, and the dog breed handbook. We’ve both been dog nerds since childhood and spent a lot of the 10-miler together pointing out and identifying dog breeds together. Along with a lot of mutts, we successfully identified a pair of Clumber spaniels and a Gordon setter around miles 5 and 6. Such geeks.

And then my husband gave me that beautiful leather leash from All K-9, which was recommended to me by Jen from The Elka Almanac!

I am particularly excited about the leash:

Leather leash.

Jen, you’re right, it already feels soft and broken-in and I get the feeling that it will last for a long time to come. I love the brass hardware and the brass ring on the handle. Can’t wait to put this–and all of the other goodies!–to good use for the future pup.


9 thoughts on “Birthday presents

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m getting so excited for your upcoming adventures! What a cool way to “build up” to such a wonderful life change – a new pup!

  2. Happy Birthday! And you’re lucky to have friends and family that understand you so well.

    I can also vouch for the Wubba. It’s a great toy. And I wouldn’t last long without my leather leash. They are so soft and sturdy at the same time.

    It’s only a short time now…

  3. Lots of loot! Exciting. I finally found Elli’s Wubba after a year of it being lost — she adores that thing. Of course, she tore out the non-squeaky ball (or, head of your octobunny). She hasn’t ever been able to get the squeaky ball (body) out, so it remains one of her favorites. Also, that squeaky ball is one of the toughest I’ve ever seen. She kills all the other ones with ease.

  4. Happy belated birthday! You have some wonderful friends who know how to do their research. Picking out dog breeds would be the highlight of any run, I’d think. In fact, you may have helped inspire me to get back into the sport myself.


    I wish I’d been smart and got a leather leash instead of a nylon one. It would have saved my palms a lot of pain that first year!

  5. fantastico ! a LEATHER leash. YES!
    if you start with a wee pup, begin with of those darn nylon leads that you can let trail
    around behind him (he’ll just follow you at first so you won’t have to do the pulling/tugging game) and keep that fine leather leash for long walks and city jaunts (watch that pup doesn’t chew such tasty leather) yum

  6. eep, I don’t know how I missed this! Happy super belated birthday.

    I’m glad that you got the leash! A year + later, I’m still really happy with mine.

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