Weekend with Bo (and the ZoomGroom)

I’m trying to get as much time as possible with Bo before he moves to Florida at the end of June, so I kidnapped him for most of this past weekend.

On Saturday, we walked briskly in the rain and then I brought him back to our apartment to test out the ZoomGroom I recently bought. I know it’s not the most effective brush for hair removal, but I had heard good things about its massaging powers and how much dogs seem to like it.

Pile of my fur
Goofball, with a small pile of fur behind him. (We hadn't really started yet.)

When I pulled the ZoomGroom out, he became extremely excited. I think he thought it was a new chew toy. After he calmed down a bit, I was able to use it and he seemed to enjoy the whole process. The brush did pull off a lot of fur (not nearly as much as a Furminator), but it was still a considerable amount for such a seemingly simple product.

Dog hair
My pants, post-grooming session.

My only critique is that the ZoomGroom seemed like it just loosened up a bunch of fur instead of collecting it. After grooming for about 10 minutes, he was just covered in even more loose fur than when we started. I don’t know if I was using it wrong or what, but I definitely won’t be using that indoors again. There was fur flying everywhere!

Bo baby
He's just happy all the time.

Still, he seemed to enjoy the whole session.

On Sunday, we went back to the trail and hiked briefly with Bo and our friends Matt and Liz. I was just daydreaming the whole time about how soon I’d be able to do this with my OWN dog.

Moving in two weeks and one day! But who’s counting?


6 thoughts on “Weekend with Bo (and the ZoomGroom)

  1. I use the ZoomGroom for my short hair dogs for just the reason you stated – it doesn’t pull out the fur as well as a double coat brush or the Furminator; they love the massage, though :).

    Yeah, whose counting? HA – looking forward to meeting your new dog.

  2. Wetting the ZG supposedly helps with flyaways. I haven’t had much luck with that myself though, as the wet brush doesn’t seem to attract fur in the same way, at least not on the Shiba!

  3. It’s exactly our experience with the zoom groom… loosens but doesn’t collect.

    I do think its a great tool to help a dog not used to being brushed learn to like it. Its gentle, its like a massage. Like our newest foster Janie, she is nervous about the bristle brush, but alllll about the zoom groom!

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