Pup links!

A woman feeds a circle of harlequin Great Danes. Source: LIFE Magazine Archives.

Dog-related links from around the Web this past week:

The Lifetime Costs of Pets. Here’s a sobering infographic about how much, on average, your pet will cost you over the course of its life. Dogs? Get ready to shell out an estimated $25,620! This is a great thing to show people, perhaps, who underestimate the financial commitment of bringing a dog home. Is it too scary, though? What do you think? (Mint Life Blog)

Enrichment. Simple, powerful ways to enrich your dog’s daily life. Great, practical tips! (Raising K9)

Do You Have a “Heart” Breed of Dog? Even though we’re gunning for a German shepherd, I think my “heart” breed of dog will always be the Australian shepherd. How about you? (That Mutt)

Dog Haul. Vanessa shares some great, mini-reviews on some recent products she found and loves for Rufus. (The Rufus Way)

Canine Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Diet. A very thorough article about canine diabetes. Good to be in the know about this disease. (The Whole Dog Journal)

Know Your Bo. We’re so used to seeing “Bo” in the headlines and thinking about the Obama’s Portuguese water dog that it’s been jarring, perhaps, to see his name in the headlines as a disgraced Chinese official. Just a funny little news bit. (Daily Intel, NY Mag)

3 thoughts on “Pup links!

  1. Thanks so much for the link love! Also thanks for introducing me to yet another great dog blog – I loves the Heart Dog post. While Rufus is obviously my perfect dog, I will always love and long for a Doberman. Thanks to Ru’s Napoleon complex, I may have to hold out another decade or (hopefully) longer!

  2. Nice find on the “Lifetime Costs” link. I’ll include that with my monthly budget round-up tomorrow! Some of their costs seem a little high to me — $4800 for a lifetime of grooming?? I don’t think so, at least not for my guys! But I probably make up some of those costs in food, and am well on my way to spending that much on each pet…

    I notice they don’t include the cost of the actual pet him/herself. Sure it can range anywhere from free to several thousand dollars. But that’s another, pretty big subject altogether…

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