Practicing her sit

Waiting for a hot dog
Pyrrha, waiting for a bit of hot dog.

As far as training goes, Pyrrha is a blank slate. (She’s a blank slate in most respects, come to think of it…) She’s still learning her name and this week, now that she’s more confident and out of the post-surgery malaise, we’re learning “sit” and “down.” Here, she demonstrates her pretty sit.

We are leaving town this weekend for my grandfather’s memorial service in Indiana. We went back and forth a lot over whether to bring Pyrrha, but we decided that, for the stress of all involved parties, it would probably be better if she didn’t take the 10-hour car ride with us. Thankfully, her former foster is a SAINT and has agreed to take her for the weekend. I really, really, really hate to leave her, but there’s no getting around it. I feel so much better knowing that she’ll be in a familiar place and that we won’t be gone for too very long…

More to come! Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Practicing her sit

  1. I just got the chance to send you a little note of congrats for you finally finding your new best friend! Pyrrha is absolutely beautiful! You have a new best friend who will be extremely loyal to you for life. Our dog, Nikita, is part Akita/German Sheppherd and she is so loyal to our family. She is the best dog ever! We are so happy that after all the time and research you put into finding the right dog for you, that you found a great match. Good luck and give her a hug from us!

    1. Thanks so much! That means a lot. Nikita is super-gorgeous and it’s nice to know that she is so devoted, too. I hope Pyrrha will develop that trait as she continues to open up! Thanks again!

      1. Also, get ready to take thousands of photographs of Pyrrha too! I have taken so many of Nikita since we adopted her from the APL that I had to make a folder on my computer “by month” so I could keep track of all the photographs. This makes it easier for me to find photographs of her & to decipher when they were taken. It will take a little time for her to open up, as she is just getting used to you and a new home, but as long as you are consistent with “everything” that you do, she will do well. Dogs are creatures of habit, so if they do the same thing over and over, they learn very quickly, and not to mention, Shepphards are smart!

  2. Hot dogs are a lovely training tool!

    “Sit” is the first thing Elka learned to cue. Pyrrha’s sit is very pretty!

  3. Yay! Good girl, Pyyrha! She has a beautiful sit and I love the alert expression on her face. 🙂 Dixie does the same thing when I get out the clicker and treats. 😉

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