Pup links!

Black labs go with everything. Click for source.

Dog-related links from around the Web this past week:

Are All Dogs Monsters? Kristine sagely reminds us that all dogs can bite and we should never take that fact for granted. (Rescued Insanity)

Preventing Dog Bites. Patricia McConnell throws in her two cents about how to prevent dog bites. Reading body language is key! (The Other End of the Leash)

Dog’s First Camping Trip. This post caught my eye, because we’ve discussed taking Pyrrha camping with us in the coming months. Anyone go camping with their dog? Any tips we should know about beforehand? (Go Pet Friendly)

How to Teach Children to Get Along with Dogs from an Early Age. A very thorough and thoughtful article on training your kids to treat dogs with gentleness and respect. (Whole Dog Journal)

Elderly Dogs and Babies: A Primer. This is a funny (and sad?) piece on what a baby does to your elderly dog, by one of my favorite online writers, Nicole Cliffe. (The Hairpin)

Seven Steps to Off-Leash Reliability. Ian Dunbar’s progression of training elements that lead you to having a dog who is trustworthy off lead. (Some Thoughts about Dogs)

Dogs Make Weddings Look Good. This is too cute: Jenny trained a pair of French bulldogs to participate in their humans’ wedding. Adorable. (Of Pit Bulls & Patience)

Emmanuelle Walker. Fun, mod illustrations of dogs riding in cars. (Gems)

8 thoughts on “Pup links!

  1. My first visit and I already love it! I have been working Delilah FOREVER to be able to have her off-leash and in one minute you have given me another resource!

    Thank you so very much!

  2. What a great list–so much to learn!

    We go camping with the pups often, and seek out places that are out of the way and not frequented by scads of families with kids and dogs of their own. And we try to go for a nice hike before bedding down, so the pups sleep through the night despite the excitement of being so close to nature and things to sniff and chase!

  3. Since I have hounds, I second the retro entrepreneur – I’ll take the black Porsche 911 convertible. I love the list and will visit all (already read Kristine’s find piece) after work.

  4. Thanks so much for including us in your great list of links! I think taking Pyrrha camping would be a great first trip with her. As you know, our Shepherd is also reactive around other dogs when he’s on-leash. Finding a nice quiet campsite would be the perfect way for her to figure out what traveling is all about. We did a post a while back that has a few more tips for camping with a dog. Here’s the link: http://gopetfriendlyblog.com/make-camping-safe-and-fun-for-your-pet/

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