Pyrrha meets my parents

With Juju and TT
Pyrrha with my parents.

My parents came for a short visit last night/this morning, and we had a great time with them–Pyrrha included!

My dad quickly won her heart by giving her a new rawhide and then wrestling with her in the grass for the better part of an hour. It was so heartwarming to see her play with such energy and vigor, so much like a “normal” 1-year-old dog! My father speaks dog, and all canines seem to instantly recognize this. I wasn’t sure how they’d interact, but I shouldn’t have been nervous: Pyrrha became a big fan of his after only 10 minutes.

Saying goodbye
“Grandparents,” saying goodbye.

Pyrrha was also very quickly enamored with my mom. It was so interesting to note how differently she treated them, though. She seemed to rapidly make the distinction that my dad was for roughhousing and my mom was for gentleness and cuddling. She’d sidle up to my mom, nuzzle her leg, even sit in her lap, but then turn around and give a play bow and invitational nip to my father. Very amusing.

The weather was beautiful last night, so we decided to take her to the downtown pedestrian mall for dinner. She was fabulous. Still a bit antsy when another dog would come toward us, but we didn’t see the extreme crouching and tail-tucking that we’d seen in the past. Pyrrha calmly laid down at our feet under the table, even though there was a sheltie mix at a table a few feet away who was giving her the stink eye. We were very proud of her and I think she was pretty tired by the night’s end. A great way to end yesterday, which we realized was our official adoption day. Trial is over; she’s officially ours!

Tomorrow, a bigger trial, though: Pyrrha will meet my boss’s 7-pound Pomeranian who may be our house guest for next week. If you pray, prayers are appreciated! I’ll keep you posted…


5 thoughts on “Pyrrha meets my parents

  1. Aw, Pyrrha got to meet Grandma & Grandpa, how sweet is that! Your Mom & Dad are really sweet and we’re glad that Pyrrha had such a good “play date” with them! Hope they visit again soon!

  2. I”m convinced that dogs (and cats) know exactly what to do to win hearts, get adopted, and secure a place on the bed.

    Pyrrha did it. My cats and dogs did it to me.

  3. Congrats on the official adoption! Pyrrha sounds like she’s coming along nicely! I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the company of a Pomeranian for a week.

  4. Congratulations on the successful outdoor dining experience! That’s fantastic. She’s really making a lot of progress. BTW – I like your dad, too … he’s a Wisconsin fan!

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