Roll around in the grass

Rolling in the grass
Pyrrha in the grass.

This weekend, Pyrrha encourages you to follow her lead and roll around in the grass. It does wonders for lifting the spirits!

On Sunday, we may attend an event called “Yappy Hour,” hosted at a local vineyard, for Southeast German Shepherd Rescue alumni and their adopters. We may just go for a bit and see if it’s overwhelming to Pyrrha. Lately, she’s been kind of a mixed bag when interacting with other dogs in public. Sometimes, she’s shy but curiously polite; other times (like the other morning, when two muscular weimaraners lunged and barked at her), she’s all hackles and snarling. So, we’ll see.

The good (relieving) news is that we won’t have a pomeranian house guest next week. My boss found someone else to stay in their home and watch Emmie, which I think is a better solution for all involved parties. I think Emmie and Pyrrha could have been good friends, but their serious weight differential (7 lbs. versus 70 lbs.) rather prevented any safe play time. I’m very relieved!

Have a lovely weekend! Talk to you again on Monday. More to come about Pyrrha’s uneasiness around Guion (my husband) and her new love affair with the Cuz ball…

Mmm, bones.
Mmm, bones iz so good.

5 thoughts on “Roll around in the grass

  1. Hopefully Emmie and Pyrrha will become good friends, but I think short visits will be easier on everyone! I hope Yappy Hour is a lot of fun for all!

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