Pyrrha falls in love with the Cuz

Play time before bed
Playing with the Cuz ball before bed.

Pyrrha isn’t very familiar with toys and hasn’t shown an overwhelming interest in them. She has a squeaky octo-fuzzy-thing (a gift from Bo and his mama!) that she sleeps with in her crate; she is fond of a tug toy I made of some of Guion’s old T-shirts, but she still is warming up to the whole concept of playing with humans.

I’ve heard a lot of good press about the Cuz ball, and so I bought one before we brought her home. She wasn’t very interested in it when I first introduced it to her, but last Thursday night? Girl was ALL ABOUT that ball. It was so much fun to see her play and seem genuinely delighted in a toy!

Cuz ball love
Gnawing on the Cuz.

I think the brilliance of the Cuz is how unpredictable it is. Those little feet make it bounce in strange ways–and its size is just big enough that she can’t get the whole thing in her mouth perfectly, which makes the chewing challenge even more enticing.

Falling in love with the cuz ball
Cuz love! Sorry for the dark photo.

We played for a good half hour before bed, which might not have been the best timing on my part, because then she was pretty riled up when we put her in her crate and started to cry about it a bit. She seems most playful at night, though. Evenings have been our most successful times to entice her to play with us/toys. I wonder if this will change. I’m not sure what it is about nights that make her more willing to play, but I hope that willingness to romp will extend throughout the day as time passes and she continues to gain confidence.

If you have a dog who wasn’t initially interested in toys, what was it that got him or her excited to play? Any other recommendations for games or toys to entice a shy dog?


7 thoughts on “Pyrrha falls in love with the Cuz

  1. Our Shepherds really like toys that make them think! The Jolly Ball is popular with almost every Shepherd I know, too. As far as Kuster is concerned, nothing is better than a big orange Air Kong tennis ball. We keep two so we can throw one, then he returns and drops the one he’s got while we throw the second. It saves him the trouble about debating about whether he should “aus” it or not! πŸ˜‰

  2. The “toys” BJ loves are large stuffed animals. He loves them and carries the from room to room. The bigger the better. The only problem is that most of them get ripped and the stuffing comes out. i do a lot of sewing.

    Fetch means that I throw the ball, he returns it. The next time I throw it, I return.

  3. Dixie’s always been VERY excited about the whole “play” and “toy” concept. Her favorite toys tend to be stuffed toys, both small and large; she cuddles them, babies them, and sleeps with them. I’ve never had the trouble of her ripping them up she’s so gentle with them.

    Her other favorite toy is her pink rubber ball from PetSmat that I got to replace a favorite football after she dropped it in the sump pump.

  4. Ah, yes. You already know how much Elli loves her Cuz. Just be careful not to let her *chew* on those feet — they come right off and then the squeak is lost since it’s an air-squeak. I got a footless (well, it has little stub feet) one for Elli for that reason and she nearly tore the foot off anyway!

    I think it’s fine to play whenever she’s most frisky. Just make sure that you don’t make a habit of it or one day when you get home from work and you’re super exhausted, she’s still going to want to play because it happens every night, haha. After the first initial play sessions at night, ask her to play in the early evening, then shape your way to daytime play. πŸ™‚

  5. Smokey was never much into toys. He’d run with Moree when Moree was playing fetch, but as far as we could tell, he figured the game was run away, run back, get petted. He liked ropes and bones with peanut butter in them, but never really played with us. (If we tugged on the rope, obviously we wanted it, and he should let us have it.)
    After a while, we gave up trying to force him to play and let him do what he liked to do best- cuddle up next to us and get attention that way.

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