Pup links!

“A Woman with Dog under a Tree,” Picasso. See the Afghan hound?

Dog-related links from around the Web this week:

12 Simple Rules for Dining Out with Your Dog. Pamela’s great list of tips for those who want to dine out with the pooch. We’ve taken Pyrrha out to eat with us twice now, and she’s done very well, but I think that was purely out of luck. We could certainly use these bits of advice and work on training her in that environment. (Something Wagging This Way Comes)

Ready to eat. Bowdu sings for his supper! This is adorable. Now only if I can get Princess Pyrrha to act with similar enthusiasm at meal-time… (The House of Two Bows)

Chix-A-Lot Friday: How Play Changed My Life. A great post from Chix about how lots of play and lots of exercise transformed his behavior. A good reminder. (Love and a Six-Foot Leash)

Sometimes Dogs Aren’t Sad. Karen London points out that we often misinterpret dogs’ body language as indicating that they are “sad,” when in fact, they’re just calm or checking everything out. (The Bark blog)

The Adventures of Jack and Samantha. A guest post from two hiking greyhounds on Tinkerwolf. Beautiful photos and beautiful dogs. (Tinkerwolf)

The Responsibility of Rescues/Shelters. Tena reflects on the duty that rescues have to make sure that dogs are going to homes that are well-suited for them, e.g., don’t send a young Jack Russell terrier to an elderly couple. What do you think about this? Do you think the majority of rescues do an adequate job of matching dogs with compatible homes? (Success Just Clicks)

Which Type of Player Would Your Dog Be? Do you love or hate dog parks? I’m on the fence about them; I know we won’t be taking Pyrrha to any dog parks anytime soon. Maybe one day. How do you feel about them? (Dog Obedience Training Blog)

Rescue Me. My husband’s cousin is a great blogger and mom to sweet Jack, who is on the autism spectrum. Here, she reflects on their dog Mason and how much he’s meant to their family and to Jack. Really touching. (Reinventing Mommy)

To Be What They Are. I loved this post by Louise, about letting our dogs just BE what they are, permitting that expression of their lovely personality, however strange or exhausting it might be. Such a great exhortation for us as we raise our dogs. (Raising Ivy)

20 Most Adorable Animal Lists of All Time. It’s time to laugh now. Some of my favorite lists in this well-curated collection: 50 Corgis Super-Psyched about Halloween and, of course, 50 Photos of Basset Hounds Running. (Best Week Ever)

7 thoughts on “Pup links!

  1. Abby, I’m honored to be included in your list; thank you! Re dog parks, I used to take Ivy and Revel only as a between-errands break if we were spending several hours in town. . .until Ivy got attacked. Haven’t been back and probably won’t ever go again. Mine don’t need the socialization as they have each other and go to classes, and I don’t need the terror! If I had only one dog, however, I would try to find a park that worked for us.

  2. Very cool list of links! 🙂

    We have a lovely dog park not too far from us. We go from time to time, but we use common sense when we go. If it’s too busy or there are dogs there that we don’t think look trustworthy, we keep right on going.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! And glad to hear Pyrrha has been a good dining companion for you so far.

    Lots of great links to check out. Holding out hopes for July to be month of catching up on my reading.

    I agree with raisingivy and houndstooth about dog parks. You need to be cautious. Honey loves playing with other dogs so we go when we have transportation. But I only go early on weekend mornings when there are only a handful of dogs and the people are conscientious about watching their dogs.

    I learned a lot about looking for overaroused dogs at the park and creative ways to refocus their attention from attending a well-supervised play group at our local SPCA. It’s always nice to have help from people who’ve been well-educated by dogs.

  4. Thank so much for the link, am excited tinkerwolf gets a mention again! I’ll also let my guest blogger know, she’ll be thrilled 🙂

    Some great links too on subjects close to my heart, tomorrow’s reading material is sorted thanks Abby.

    Lots of love to you and Pyrrha, Clare and Ted

  5. Oh boy… the whiny Shibutt has been featured! He’d be so embarassed. 😉

    Some nice curating, as usual. I’m checking them all out — some nice new-to-me blogs in the lot!

  6. The item about letting a dog just BE, hit home. I walked down the aisle of the Humane Society and this energetic fluff puff came bounding to the front of his cage and said I want you. Just fill out the papers, give them the fee, and take me home.

    BJ is a mixed terrier (Jack Russell, Wire Hair, etc.) and Bichon. He was energetic and he made me laugh. I loved that about him. I told the volunteer, I’m not going to break his spirit like mine was broken growing up. He’s still energetic, a little less so because he’e 12. But he still that terrier personality and I still love it.

    I have just let him BE. Thanks for including that in your list.

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