Hanging out in the backyard

Just some recent photos of Pyrrha hanging out in the backyard.

Sniffing around, while G. is in the tree
Sniffing around, while Guion is up in his hop tree.
Hanging out in the backyard
My pretty girl.
Watching a butterfly
Butterfly watching.
Hanging out in the backyard
Relaxing, with her beloved nasty bone by her side.

Pyrrha’s favorite backyard activities:

  • Patrolling the perimeter for the neighbor dogs (on both sides of our fence)
  • Chasing butterflies, moths, and bees
  • Getting a case of the “zoomies” when she thinks we’re not watching
  • Digging little holes like a gopher
  • Gnawing on that nasty old bone

What does your pup like to do in your yard?

10 thoughts on “Hanging out in the backyard

  1. Backyard is good for

    – squirrel watching and occasional chasing
    – shredding boxes pilfered from the recycling bin
    – absorbing lots and lots of sunshine
    – peeing in corners
    – pooping only when absolutely necessary — NOT a preferred place to take a dump!

    … so sayeth the Bows.

  2. Nikita LOVES chasing leaves (and eating them too)! This one time she was doing #1 and a lighting bug fluttered over her head, while still “going”, she kept inching forward to try to snap at the light glowing in her face! (It was really funny) We always do zoomies in the backyard too, as Nikita LOVES to run and play! In the winter, she loves to sit in front of the bird feeder and watch the birdies fluttering in for a landing then she gets all excited.

  3. Pyrrha is a fantastic looking dog !

    “puppy pool” is popular as it is unbearably hot here
    chuck-it ball over and over- limit of 5 minutes at a time right now due to the humidity
    the present dog LAYS IN THE SUN
    no squirrel chasing, no border patrol (ever),

    aircraft observer

  4. Elka likes watching things that fly: birds, bumblebees, planes, helicopters. But out back definitely equals tennis ball time to her, without qualification. If we’re out there, within the fence, it must be fore tennis balls!

    Guion has a hop tree? Does he brew his own beer?

    1. Jen, yes! He’s been homebrewing for about four years now and is in the process of starting his own microbrewery with some friends. The “hop tree” was a new project on our move. As you can maybe see, he’s growing the hops up the tree like a maypole. It’s a fun venture!

  5. Our yard isn’t fenced, so our dogs have to go to the dog park from time to time. They mostly start their time out sniffing and then the Shepherds start playing their Shepherd games! lol

  6. The question is what doesn’t our dog like to do in our backyard? It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ll ever get over the freedom that comes with yard space. Love to see Pyrrha enjoying hers and looking so relaxed!

  7. Kyuss is out backyard keeper. He ensures no animal, be they squirrel, bird or bee is on our property. He is also our hot air balloon spotter. He proudly announces to the neighbourhood that a hot air balloon has been spotted. (It’s about the only thing he ever barks at!)

  8. lol
    a hop tree? i thought it meant GUION hopped up and down the tree. oh dear,too funny
    micro brewery beer is a fav of mine

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