Let me in, let me out

Please, let me in.
Human, let me in!

What I spend a lot of time doing…

Please, let me out.
Hey, human, let me out now!

She’s so demanding.

(OK, not really. Pyrrha is a super-laidback dog, and even more so this week, as she’s returned very tired from her weekend of romping with the pack at her fairy dog-mother’s house. More stories to come!)


6 thoughts on “Let me in, let me out

  1. I remember when Nikita was a puppy and it was IN and OUT every 20 minutes. It drove me crazy, but that’s what puppies do, as it’s better than having to clean up messes in the house, eh?! Pyrrha is such a lovely dog! Give her a hug from us! Woof!

  2. Maybe a doggie door is in Pyrrha’s future?

    I wouldn’t use one when I wasn’t home to supervise. Especially since a doggy door big enough for a GSD is also big enough for a burglar. But it would be nice to give Honey some autonomy.

    The funny thing is even when I leave the backdoor open for her, she prefers me to go out with her. I guess she wants company. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My dream is to get our yard fenced, but it hasn’t happened yet. I know that Morgan and Kuster would drive me insane with wanting in and out, though! lol Pyrrha looks so sweet in those pictures!

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