Waiting at the door

Let me inside

Pyrrha’s new ritual is that when we reach our driveway (long and quite a bit removed from the road), I drop the leash and she gets to run the front door, unencumbered. Sometimes, she has to wait a bit for me to catch up, as you can see.

(Please disregard the unkempt lawn. We dealt with it later that day.)

I am so terribly fond of this dog. I think she is so smart and adorable. She was great last night at training class; she was so hungry, though, that she was just throwing every trick she knew at me, desperate for a treat. We’ll have to work on some impulse control and my clear communication of expectations. But she was a doll.

Happy weekend, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Waiting at the door

  1. Stimulus control is one of my favorite things to train… but damn me if I don’t ever make time for it. It is not something for the impatient.

  2. Ha! I’m taking Morgan to the same class my husband is taking Kuster to on Monday night. She is fantastic at obedience, but part of the exercise is going to be getting her to pay attention when Kuster is there, too. I think throwing all the tricks out to get a reward is some inherent Shepherd trait. They’re so eager to please, except when they’re being hard headed!

    I have a feeling Abby is more like Kuster on the grooming table. He HATES to have to be still! Crazy puppies! Morgan was eighteen months old when we got her, but she’s always loved being groomed. You might have luck keeping some treats in a bait bag and treating her every few minutes for being good when you try to brush her. We try to remember to keep it short with him, too and quit while we’re ahead! lol

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