Pup links!

German shepherd in flight. Photo by Flickr user LauraXJayne.

Dog-related links from around the Web this week:

Bonding with Dogs–or Not. Trainer Nicole Wilde reflects on that emotional challenge of not “bonding” with a dog instantaneously. This was encouraging to read. For the first few weeks we had Pyrrha, I didn’t feel really bonded to her–and I felt really guilty about that. My deep and sincere attachment to her has, of course, grown over time, but it’s nice to hear someone admit that it’s not always immediate. (Wilde About Dogs)

State of Pet Health Report 2012. Well, this is really dismal. Banfield’s annual assessment of pet health has recently come out and the results are rather disappointing. For instance, obesity among household cats has risen by 90% since last year. Gross and sad. There are also some interesting trends here: Pets are fattest in Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. What’s curious is that these states have low obesity rates for humans (Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the country). So, what’s happening here? I don’t know, but it is a sad state of affairs for American pets. (Victoria Stilwell)

What Shape Is Your Dog’s Ear? I had no idea there were so many different names and variations of canine ear shapes! This is a helpful pictorial glossary for those who, like me, are curious. (Psychology Today)

Urban off-leash Shibas (and others). M.C. has collected some great photos and thoughts about how city dogs live elsewhere, like in Taiwan. Very interesting! (The House of Two Bows)

Furminate Me. This post has pretty much convinced me to shell out the cash for a Furminator. I now know all too well that German shepherds take shedding VERY seriously… (Tales and Tails)

Rumble: 8 Weeks! Oh, I am just… consumed with ENVY. Is this not the sweetest Aussie pup you have ever seen?? And he has a tail! Could look at photos of him all day long. (Elite Forces of Fuzzy Destruction)

Dog a Day. Here’s another great dog-a-day project! Illustrator Bethany Ng is drawing every dog in the AKC in her signature, modern style. She just posted the German shepherd dog. Love it! Has she drawn your favorite breed yet? You can also buy her prints here. (Dog a Day)

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. This boy and his dog seemed to have worked out quite a nice symbiotic relationship. (Three Dogs Night)

7 thoughts on “Pup links!

  1. I’ve definitely loved the Furminator in the past, but have found myself easing up a bit on its use in recent years, especially with Bowdu’s skin issues. If overused, it can be a little irritating on the skin. But we’ve certainly made FULL use of this investment!

    Enjoyed the link on dog ear shapes.

  2. I’m glad you liked the Furminator post! 🙂 It’s done a great job on Morgan and Kuster, but we don’t use it daily. It’s about a once a week deal here on Saturday afternoon.

    Oh, I love that artwork! I wish she had a Greyhound, too! It would be so cool to have a Greyhound and a GSD picture hanging side by side!

  3. The bonding post is so needed; I read again and again about dogs coming into people’s lives who don’t “want” them and yet, in months or years, they could not live without each other :).
    Furminator – I have 3 of different sizes, two of which were donated (yeah!); I, too, tend not to use them much but need to again esp. with my very furry Sheltie.
    Cont. to completely enjoy the Pup Links.

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