Up on the couch

On the sofa

Someone has decided that she’s allowed on the couch now.

At first, we weren’t going to allow it, but the first time she did it, we were so surprised and delighted that the house rule has been thrown out the window. We only paid $25 for that couch anyway, so we’re not too invested in it. Worth it to have 70 lbs. of German shepherd snuggling by your side than a fur-free sofa…

Photos and a weekend recap to come!


9 thoughts on “Up on the couch

  1. We just a month back put aside our couch rule for Luna too! So many articles I’ve read out there (especially when it comes to hybrids) say that you shouldn’t let them because it’s a dominance thing. It may be some of that, but in general I think Luna just likes to be on a comfy surface and closer to us. I think that sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. =)

  2. My dogs all get on couches and/or chairs, with or without me in them, too. Some never do which is nice to tell adopters; all are allowed. Pyrrha looks wonderfully happy!

  3. Athena really really wants us to let her on the couch and bed with us (we’ve adopted her one month ago so we’ve been trying to stick to the “no dogs on the furniture” rule for now). We haven’t given in yet to letting her on the furniture…but I just think it’s a matter of time before we do!


  4. She looks so happy! We break the rules all the time with Tuchena, we never let her on the furniture to start with, but now she loves to hop up for a cuddle! She is 31kg now, and not yet fully grown. (sorry, no idea what that is in lbs!)

  5. We spent a year keeping Tala off the sofa and yet one day my husband let her sneak on – it has secretly been the best thing in terms of her behavior. She spends a lot less time now scrounging around looking for trouble than when she was on the floor!

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