Another weekend trip with Pyrrha

This past weekend, we traveled back to my parents’ house. We had a wedding to attend (one of Guion’s childhood friends) and knew that Pyrrha would be eager to come along for the journey.

A serious car-riding face

She seemed to really like the place when we first visited, and I daresay she remembered the house when we came back. If not the house, she at least was happy to see my parents again and meet my younger brother. I was impressed with how calmly she accepted visitors in a new space. By the end of our time there, she was acting like she owned the place.

Pyrrha and Jak

My dad is her playmate and my mom serves as my surrogate. My mom and I look and move similarly and I think Pyrrha gravitates toward her for this reason. She likes to walk up to my mom and press her nose to her leg. It’s a funny, simple, reassuring gesture. I’m not totally sure what it means, but it’s cute.

By Juju's bed

And Pyrrha was positively ecstatic to be reunited with her girlfriend, Dublin.

Play time

Play time

Play time
Dublin likes to push the swing herself.

Play time

Dublin's intense face

Dublin is a great match for Pyrrha’s energy level, and we like to say that Dublin is Pyrrha’s therapy dog. She’s showing her how to be confident and calm, how to wrestle, how to chase a Frisbee. It’s very sweet. I’m grateful that she’s right next door and always so eager to play.

Through the fence, view 1

Through the fence, view 2

Tired out

Aside from the wedding events, we spent the rest of the weekend with the dogs: Walking them, playing with them, watching them wrestle in the backyard. My kind of weekend!

Watching me through the window

(*You may have noticed a slight increase in photo quality–although not necessarily skill. This is because I just bought my sister’s Canon DSLR off her. I am thrilled with it, even though I have a TON to learn!)

Do we have to leave?

9 thoughts on “Another weekend trip with Pyrrha

  1. Hi Abby! Loved all of these photographs! Pyrrha is so adorable in those fence pics and I like the last one too on the wood floor. She is such a beautiful dog. By the way, what is Pyrrha going to be for Halloween? What are you dressing her up as?

  2. I was going to mention how pretty your photos look on this post! lol There’s a lot more to it than just a nice camera, but it definitely helps!

    I’m glad Pyrrha did so well over the weekend. She seems like a pretty well-adjusted Shepherd to me, and I’ve met some whack jobs! It seems like she’s taking things in stride quite well.

  3. How adorable that Dublin likes to push the swing herself! And look at Pyrrha watching her do it, too.

    Your pictures are lovely! I have some SLR envy, I assure you….of course, a better camera won’t necessarily make my pictures better 😉

  4. Yes, I DID notice the sharper new photos, especially in the clarity of Pyrrha’s eyes! What Canon DSLR do you have? I thought the shot of her staring at the camera while your father’s lying in bed was rather charming. A slice of domestic reality there. 😉

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