A Brittany in a Prius

A few weekends ago, while we were out of town for a wedding, we met up with an old friend, Julia, and her new boyfriend for some drinks. She mentioned that she’d become very attached to her boyfriend’s Brittany spaniel, Yolis. I, of course, was happy to hear about Yolis and asked her some questions, etc.

Julia then said, “Well, do you want to meet him?”
“Wait, what?” I said, a little taken aback. “Where is he?” Clearly, they hadn’t brought the spaniel into the restaurant.
“Come out here and I’ll show you!”

I followed her to the parking lot, where she opened the door to her Prius. There, in the seat, was the very chill Yolis.

Yolis in the Prius

Yolis in the Prius

Now, before you freak out that this little dude was in the car, let me tell you that they kept the A/C on the entire time. (Something about the car being a Prius made this financially feasible? I don’t know.) But all this to say, Yolis was in the shade and it was cooler in that car than it was in the restaurant. He seemed totally happy to be hanging out in there, and possibly a little annoyed that we had disturbed his nap.

I just thought it was kind of a funny little thing. First time I’ve seen a dog locked in a car and not gotten upset about it. Julia said they take him everywhere, because he is so sweet and portable. Looks like it to me!

4 thoughts on “A Brittany in a Prius

  1. I’ve been known to take one or two of our dogs along and leave the car locked with the a/c on, but a hybrid would make that a lot easier to do! Yolis looks like one cool dog!

  2. I most likely would have reacted the way you did. But I have to admit that I sometimes also leave Luna in the car (AC on and toy near her) while I buzz into a store. She’s so used to traveling with me in the car that it doesn’t phase her. I think it’s best to teach your dog how to ride in the car without them moving around everywhere so it’s easier when taking them to the vet or on a trip. And Yolis looks like such a little traveler!

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