Girls and dogs

I was TERRIFIED of dogs when I was a little girl. I remember when the fear began, and I think I’ve recounted it before. My father adores dogs, like I do now. When I was about 6, we were living in a tiny apartment, waiting for our new house to be built. A doberman (my father’s favorite breed) and a rough collie lived in the complex, and Dad liked to take us outside, just to watch the dogs play. One evening, I was completely knocked over and trampled by the dogs (who were just having a case of the zoomies, and not paying attention). I thought they were out to kill me, and I was extremely scared of dogs from then on.

But in a few years, some magical, inherent dog-loving switch turned on–I don’t even know what it was–and I became OBSESSED with dogs, kind of like I am now. I started memorizing dog breeds when I was 8 or 9. I gave complicated advice to the neighbors about what kind of dog they should get, based on their lifestyles. I started a dog-walking business, just to have an excuse to spend time with dogs, since my parents were reluctant to get us one of our own.

And yet I didn’t get a dog of my own until Emma, when I was about 14. I had to wait a long time for her, and I feel like I had to wait even longer for Pyrrha, but I still love to see little girls with dogs. It warms my heart.

All that to say, here are just some cute photos of girls and the dogs they love, culled from my Pinterest board, Woman’s Best Friend.

Source: Les Zigouis.
Tanis Guinness (of the beer fortune) and her pekingese, Ta Wang, at a New York dog show in 1912.
A farm girl and her collie.
Bluetick coonhound and friend. Photo: Flickr user texturejunky.
Young Elizabeth Taylor and a pair of poodles.
Young Queen Elizabeth and her corgi, Dookie.
A little girl and her puppy. Source: LIFE Magazine.
Kisses! Source: LIFE Magazine.
Kristina and Lola the lab. Photo: Stepan Obruckhov.
“1924. Our Billy and me.”
Girl and her patient pup.
Afghan hound love.
Source: Seeberger Brothers.
Photo: Flickr user m.orti.

Did you love a dog when you were a young thing?


7 thoughts on “Girls and dogs

  1. Lovely post. You have made me all nostalgic! I feel the need to rummage through old photos and find pictures of the dogs we had growing up. There was a bonkers boxer called Bella and a goofy great Dane; Holly.

  2. Those are such great pictures!

    I always always always wanted a dog. My grandparents had one (Bachelor) when I was itty bitty, but he was put to sleep soon after I learned how to crawl (unrelated; he was older by then, and had health problems).

    I certainly loved my dad’s friends’ dogs! There was Sam, the lab who ran away from home. A Sharpei whose name I forget (because I think Cindy was that friend’s sister, not the dog!) and who was a rescue, Max, a dog I remembered as huge when I was 3 and was really only about knee height when I was 8. Spooky, a dog I didn’t interact much, as he was very old, Jasmine, his “doggie sister” who was a white Shepherd-y mix and who I walked the most. She pulled me over onto my face and down a driveway once after a cat, then was very apologetic. Jetty, Jasmine’s “sister” in her older years, a black Sheperdy-y mix nutjob dog….I think that’s everybody.

  3. What lovely photos.

    My childhood dog was a collie and wolf/german shepherd hybrid. He was my best friend when things were really scary at home.

    I’ll never forget him. I wish I had pictures.

  4. Abby, I was also terrified of dogs as a girl! Terrified. Not with as good a reason as you had, however. Love the photos (How beautiful is that farm girl?); I look at your Pinterest but it’s nice to have these extracted. Lovely post!

  5. Fabulous photos! I love them!

    I grew up with dogs. Most of my childhood dogs were Border Collies, but I had an Australian Shepherd in high school who was my first heart dog. I was known to roam on the farm when I was little, and my parents used to just call the dog when they wanted to find me. I learned about dog obedience with the Australian Shepherd and I’ve always been glad that I did!

  6. Wonderful photos 🙂

    I loved dogs since I was born. LOVED dogs. My parents had dogs since i was born, and the first I got as a pup was Woodsie when I was 5. I’ve never been without a dog. I can’t imagine what thats like!

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