Having a dog makes you rich

Photo: The Selby.

“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”

— Louis Sabin

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Happy Friday, everyone!

This morning, on our walk, I met the only cat I’d ever like to own. Our neighbors have a small tabby cat (I think her name is Jolly?) who is the friendliest feline I have ever seen. Whenever someone walks by with a dog, she runs down the driveway to immediately greet them. And then she’ll walk alongside the dog and the dog’s people for a few yards. It’s the most interesting and endearing thing. The dogs, I think, are always just startled by her. (Like, “What is this? A cat who’s not afraid of me?”) Jolly tried to come up to Pyrrha this morning, but Pyr was a little too excited about it. I had her lie down, which she did, but I think Jolly could tell that Pyrrha’s body language was a little to stalk-y. Maybe in time Pyrrha will be calm enough to actually greet Jolly. I hope so. What a wonderfully odd and extroverted cat!


5 thoughts on “Having a dog makes you rich

  1. Wow, what a brave cat! I don’t think she’d be too fond of my Luna, as she tends to get VERY friendly at the start, and wants to play (which can’t be done with cats as much… :\ ) It’s good to have her acquainted with cats, in the chance that you do get one in the future, i’m sure Pyrrah wished she could ‘play’ with the cat though too!

  2. We have a kitty friend who greets Honey and walks with us. Honey used to try play bowing which was too much for the cat. We started by having Honey sit. I’d rub her and let the cat sniff my hand. Then I’d pet the cat and let Honey sniff my hand.

    It slowed Honey down a bit and made the greeting go easier.

    This is a great chance for Pyrrha to learn good cat manners. Good luck!

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