Lounging around, barking at cats

Squirrel patrol

Things have been a little quiet around here on the blog, mainly because my real life has been so insanely busy lately. But rest assured that Pyrrha is still doing well and being her typical goofy self.

Her latest thing: BARKING!

But only a little bit. Compared with your average German shepherd, I think Pyr is very quiet—in that she never barks. The only times I’ve heard her bark are when she’s playing with Dublin. She usually just slinks around the house, whines very rarely, and is otherwise a silent dog.

So, I was surprised early this week when I heard her barking in the backyard. I went out to investigate, and it turned out that we had an intruder. Albeit a 10-pound calico intruder. The neighbor has a very old, cranky cat who likes to hang out inside our fence, under shrubs, or under the shade of Guion’s hop tree, which sits just outside the fence. Pyrrha’s tail was swinging back and forth wildly and her hackles were up and there she was, facing the cat, barking.

And how did this curmudgeonly cat feel about this vocal display from the 70-pound German shepherd? Completely nonplussed. The cat just sat there in the yard, glaring at Pyrrha. And Pyr, our big, brave girl, was so uncertain of this cat’s behavior that she finally turned away and slunk back toward the house. So much for a confrontation and a cat deterrent.

Guion wishes she were more assertive toward this cat, because the cat likes to dig up the seedlings in our garden and uses our plots as its personal litter box. It’s nasty. But the cat doesn’t have a bit of fear toward Pyrrha. The cat seems to understand that Pyr is all bark and no bite… Oh, well!

Hope you all have pleasant, cozy weekends!


6 thoughts on “Lounging around, barking at cats

  1. Too cute! We have a similar chain of events in our house. 3 dogs against 1 cat-that-thinks-she-is-also-a-dog! Somehow the cat has no fear, and loves to wrestle with the pooches. Sorry we don’t have any cat-scaring tips for you, Pyr! But we think you’re doing a great job of guarding your peoples 🙂

  2. Athena is pretty much silent as well. The one time that she got riled up with barking was when we recently went to the beach and she spent most of her time sitting on the balcony staring off at the ocean and the passerby’s. A fat cat happened to be roaming below the balcony and Athena turned into Miss Woofy Pants. We had to give her a balcony time out to stop her barking! Silly dogs!

  3. My parents’ German Shepherd barks a lot, but mostly at dogs walking by, but sometimes it’s squirrels, cats or the wind. When I brought my kitty over she threw a fit seeing her through the window. Unlike Pyrrha, she would have gladly eaten kitty for lunch:(

  4. Kyuss is pretty silent as well, although when a stray shows up in our yard, he doesn’t bark. He hunts it, sneaking as close as he can get, as quietly as he can and then bolts. I don’t think he’d hurt them, as he lives with 3, but cats don’t show up at our house much!

    The only time he really barks is if I get him overly excited, or someone strange shows up at our house. Even then, he usually just growls a low deep growl LOL

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