The laziest of dogs

The laziest of dogs

This is Pyrrha’s typical posture on any given day — sprawled out on the living room floor. (She looks kind of fat from this vantage point, but I promise you she isn’t… I’m like a pageant mom about her portrayal in photographs.)

We had more delightful house guests this weekend, my dear friend Angela (whom you may recall from a play date with Bo and Zoe) and her boyfriend, Marshall. Pyrrha took to them both very readily. They are both gentle, quiet souls and those are always Pyr’s particular favorites. She kept trying to incite them to wrestle with her, though, by taking their limbs into her mouth. This is probably a habit we should work on with more diligence, because most people aren’t exactly fond of a German shepherd suddenly taking their fingers into her mouth and giving them a playful nibble.

In other Pyr news: Last month, we switched her over to a grain-free kibble, and maybe I’m just deluding myself, but I think we’ve already been seeing the benefits. Her coat is much glossier, her poops are smaller, and her enthusiasm is only enhanced for meal time (that thin line of drool while she sits and waits for the bowl). After I lauded the benefits of grain-free kibble for weeks, Guion finally agreed and thought it was worth the extra $10 a bag for the health advantages. So far, a very good choice.

Also, Pyrrha issued a protective bark for the first time! I’m kind of celebrating it a bit. To me, the fact that she feels protective of our house and yard tells me that she is feeling more confident and secure. This is reinforced by the fact that she has never barked protectively before. She’s barked in fear, to ward off a dog behind the adjacent fences, but this was a bark directed toward a far-off person in the street, which said, “Hey, I see you! This is my place!” It’s still a very uncommon occurrence — as she still doesn’t bark when she sits in our front window and watches people and cars pass — but I see it as a sign of her increasing confidence.

Hope you and your pooches are well and enjoying a pleasant start to your weeks.

5 thoughts on “The laziest of dogs

  1. We started feeding Athena grain feed food as soon as we got her from the shelter (we decided just to go all in and get grain free since so many pitties are known to be bothered by grains). Who knows what she was being fed while at the shelter, but she had so much dandruff and she shed like crazy. Not to mention that her coat wasn’t shiny at all.

    We started to see great improvements in Athena’s appearance in only a few weeks. She no longer has dandruff and doesn’t obsessively itch her skin. Her fur is SOOO shiny and soft and she is always receiving compliments for this =)

    I’m glad that Pyrrah is reaping similar benefits on a grain free diet!

  2. Yay, Phyrra, a defense bark. It’s been so nice watching her bloom in this way.

    I forget the exact date we switched Elka to grain free food (certainly before blogging began), but I’ve been very happy with it for a lot of the reasons that you have.

  3. Heh heh! Be careful about wishing for those protective barks! It gets less charming over time, that’s all I’ll say on the subject.

    We notice a definite difference for our dogs when they’re on better food! It’s definitely worth it in my opinion.

  4. Gluten-Free food is the way to go! (I almost have no choice, as wolfdogs are allergic to soy and highly sensitive to corn or wheat) We feed our pups Wellness Large Breed Puppy food. You can see such positive results! Glad she is enjoying the new and improved food! =)

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