My little dog knows me

A fashionable woman in Berlin and her dachshund. Source: Glamcanyon.

“I am I because my little dog knows me.”

Gertrude Stein

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hope you all have cozy and pleasant weekends! I am looking forward to a weekend at home, sans house guests, to take Pyr on long walks around town and enjoy the gorgeous autumn foliage. Wishing the same to all of you!

2 thoughts on “My little dog knows me

  1. So very true! (at least, instead of little dog, my “very big dog” knows me. 🙂
    Fall is indeed approaching, there is a multitude of fallen fall leaves accumulating in our backyard that Luna loves to play in. Does Pyr like to play in the fall leaves too?

  2. It is now fun, with cooler weather, to let Justus out of the house sans leash as he dashes to the car, knowing he will be off on errands and a walk with me. Joy abounds.

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