All cooped up

Looking for Hurricane Sandy.

Hope all of my fellow East Coasters are safe and dry today, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The devastation in the northeast corridor of the country is just unreal. We were fine here in Virginia, although I know that many in the state are still without power. Our city somewhat unnecessarily shut down yesterday, so Guion and I were both off of work and we had the day to stay inside to read, drink tea, and watch inordinate amounts of TV.

Staying inside all day wasn’t that relaxing for poor Pyrrha, however. She was pretty antsy. The wind and almost constant cold rain meant that her visits outside were fairly short. She doesn’t seem to mind the rain that much, however — patrolling for her cat nemesis is far too engaging to worry about some drizzle. The rest of the week here is supposed to clear up, however, so I hope to take her on some much-needed long walks.

If you were in the path of the storm, how did you and your pups fare? Hope you are all well!

Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “All cooped up

  1. My parents live in Maryland and they have a german shepherd too. She did not get all the hype and was bummed she was made to stay inside:( She was running around in a down-poor like nothing was happening, looking for her bunny like Pyrrha’s cat.

  2. Only because everything ended up okay can you say, “Our city somewhat unnecessarily shut down yesterday.” I’m glad you were all safe.

    There were too many in New Jersey, Breezy Point, Staten Island, etc., who ignored the warnings and ended up putting first responders in danger while they recused those who stayed.

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