Until one has loved an animal

Now I'm relaxed
Pyr, in the yard.

“Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

— Anatole France

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As much as I may try to avoid oversentimentality toward animals, I do really believe this is true. Loving animals feels like unlocking a different chamber of the heart. Especially when the animal in question is a dog.

Thanks for all of your advice about nail trimming. We are still working on it. I fear I may have to resort to calling in a professional. I think she would actually have to be physically restrained to get her nails trimmed at this point. (Or do I just need to run her on asphalt more often?? But those dew claw nails are really getting bad.) Anyway. I’ll keep you posted. Sigh. Why is it that some dogs never seem to need this done? That we could be that lucky…

Wishing you warm and happy weekends!

8 thoughts on “Until one has loved an animal

  1. I have to trim Reggie’s dew claw nails regularly. It’s not a fun process, and taking him to the vet to get it done is just as bad. Once I even nicked the quick and it bled a lot which was very scary.
    But when I adopted him from the shelter his nail had grown so long that it curled around and dug into the pad which required antibiotics. So I make sure to keep an eye on these nails.

  2. Hey Abby! We were recently at the vets and I asked about doing nail clipping myself at home, and they said that it would be best for a professional do this. I was going to try, but when they said that when a dog has dark nails, it is harder to see where to stop trimming and would be best for a pro to do this. I don’t want to add any trama to our dogs when getting their nails trimmed, so we have decided that it would be better that our vets do this and for the $10 cost to do so, we think it is well worth it. If you accidentally clip your dogs nail too far and it bleeds, the dog will be scared every time you try to cut their nails from then on. Pyrrha is growing up so beautifully and is such an adorable dog. Give her a hug from us!

  3. The first time I restrained Elli for nail trims was the last time she EVER felt okay about them. I ended up scaring her (and I’ve never quicked her!) so much that she never entered that room again and any quick snapping sound (hair clips, office clips, etc) sends her into a panic. Remember that by restraining a dog you are taking away their ability to flee and thereby causing more trauma than before.

  4. Treat, clip, treat, clip, treat, clip….not all dogs will tolerate this here but I’m trying to do one a day which gets me almost to the end of the month before I start again but today, I saw Betty’s LONG dew claw nails – scary….so will try them tomorrow…black nails? I take them in to be done by a pro…

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