Play-date with Roland

We had beautiful and unseasonably warm weather this weekend, so it was a perfect occasion for Pyrrha to have a friend over. We invited the recently adopted Roland, who was brought over by his surrogate handlers, my friends Celeste and Casey.

Break for some butt sniffing
Hi! What’s your name?

As you can see from the photos, Pyrrha and Roland were very well-matched. They got along beautifully, with no fear issues or squabbles from either of them.

Racing up from the back

Tongues a' flying!

Rounding the bend

Gimme dat

Guion, throwing a stick for the playmates

We all laughed about how dogs treat objects like small children. Their reasoning goes like this: If the other dog has a stick, I MUST HAVE said stick, even if I don’t particularly like sticks. Pyr and Roland went back and forth with this general gambit for some time. Thankfully, our yard has a plenitude of sticks, so they were never bored.

A very successful play date

Rest time

At the end of the session, they were both tired and happy—and covered in each other’s slobber. (Roland also had some grass stains from sliding on his pretty white fur.) Watching dogs play is one of my all-time favorite hobbies. I could do it all day! And Pyrrha certainly needs more of it in her life. Very happy to have found another great local playmate for Pyr.

13 thoughts on “Play-date with Roland

  1. I am Roland’s “grandmother” and I loved knowing that he is so happily occupied while Sarah is home with us in Atlanta! Your Pyrrha is beautiful. They make handsome playmates!! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. Our favorites are the two where they are running joyously around the yard with “tongues glying”.

  2. Ahhh my baby! They are the cutest and best dogs. 🙂

    Thanks for giving Roland a reason to smile while his mom is away. Let’s have tea and another playdate with those two rascals soon.

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