So busy

So much fur on the floor.

AKA, so much fur on the floor.

Pyrrha is irritated with me lately, I think, because I haven’t been giving her many walks and not nearly as much attention as she deserves. Work and general life are so busy right now that I barely have a spare moment with her at home. I keep trying to relish the little things, though, and hope they count for something. Like running down the driveway with her to get the mail at full speed. Like playing a round of fetch in the backyard during my lunch break. They’re not significant things, but they’re what I can manage right now.

I know she’ll be happier when we take our long holiday trip! She gets lavished with attention when we travel with her (both from the two of us and our respective families). Not too long now, Pyr…

Hope you all have great weekends!

5 thoughts on “So busy

  1. I love your perspective of cherishing the little moments. We are still on a crate-and-rotate schedule with our perma-dogs and our foster, and I feel constant guilt knowing that at least one of the dogs is always secluded from the family. I try to make our time together that much more enjoyable, though!

  2. This is first holiday season for the two of you together. She may be lying around while your busy and I know she loves the attention you do give her. It will all the more sweet when the holidays are over and you go back to your normal attention time.

  3. I do feel guilty when I have to shoehorn Elka in with the rest of the stuff I need to deal with. Running full speed for the mail does sound like fun, though!

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