Meeting Ava and managing unease

On Saturday, we had a visit from my long-time friend, her husband, and their shepherd–lab mix, Ava.

Ava and her dad

Water break

Ava is a beautiful 2-year-old and her look and build remind me so much of Pyrrha; there is definitely some heavy German shepherd somewhere in her lineage. She was rescued as a young puppy from a shelter in Florida and she has thrived under the care and dutiful attention of her human parents.

Checking it out

Unfortunately, Ava was a little nervous about Pyrrha. And Pyrrha isn’t the best at reading behavior sometimes; Ava would growl and snap at Pyrrha, and Pyr would throw her a play bow and then charge for the chase. Not exactly the best tactic, stupid.

Danger lurks

Eventually, however, the two were able to coexist in the house, so long as we kept them from starting a staring contest.

Look at us coexisting

I’m glad they got to meet, even though it was sad that they didn’t become instant besties, as it was with myself and Ava’s “mom.” Sometimes you just can’t win them all. But Ava did get to have a lavish weekend with her humans in the countryside, so I don’t think she was too disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Ava and managing unease

  1. “Staring contest” i have two girls who will stare; if I see it, I can break them. Ava is lovely and Pyrrha looks comfortable in that last photo. She’ll learn :).

  2. Pyrrha sounds like Morgan! lol Oh my gosh, she drives me nuts sometimes! The Greyhounds will tell her off, and she just thinks it’s a sign that they want to play because that’s what she WANTS them to do!

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