Pyrrha and her young suitors

We enjoyed a lovely Sunday play-date with Heath, the handsome golden retriever, and Loki, back for his second round.

Sweet Heath

Heath showed up first and he was a perfect match for Pyrrha’s energy level. The pair did a lot of rolling around, kissing snouts, and chasing. They were a delight to watch.

In love

Ears flying

Look of adoration

Handsome dude

Here Pyrrha displays her best “be pretty!” for Heath’s mama, the Keeper of the Treats:

Be pretty

Essentially, they ended the afternoon completely smitten.


Young lovers

Loki showed up later and then it was all one big love train.

Butt-sniffing train

Trio at play

It’s fun to watch Loki, the baby, gain confidence and work his way into playing with the big dogs. (Although, at 55 lbs. at 5 months, Loki will very soon be THE big dog.)

Loki is getting bigger

As you can expect with two young, unneutered males, there was also a lot of humping going on, but Pyr didn’t seem to mind it much. She’d take it in stride and then turn around and give the boys a taste of their own medicine.

Ganging up on Pyr

Puppy play-dates! Always the highlight of my weekend. Hope to have Heath and Loki back again soon!


8 thoughts on “Pyrrha and her young suitors

    1. Thanks so much, Vanessa! That means a lot to me. I’ve been equally inspired by you and your hard work with Rufus; he is one lucky dog.

  1. I’m so jealous that you have so many friends with dogs and therefore Pyrrha has lots of doggy friends! None of our friends have dogs, so Athena doesn’t have many opportunities to play with other dogs unless she’s at daycare.

    Like Vanessa, I LOVE seeing Pyrrha turn into such a confident dog!

  2. The picture of Pyrrha sitting pretty and Heath leaning over to kiss her is ADORABLE! She’s just so lovely and confident nowadays, it’s great.

  3. Pyrrha is growing more beautiful and the boys more enamored! What a fun time this looks like. She’s coming into her own very well. Good job.

  4. Pyr has come a long way and it looks like she loves playing with the all dogs. You’re lucky you have friends with dogs AND a backyard for them to play with out fear of running in the street.

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