Pyrrha’s first snow

Pyrrha's first snow

I didn’t get super shots, because I took out the old camera (didn’t want to ruin my DSLR with any water damage), but here’s Pyrrha’s first encounter with snow! The kid loved it. It made her positively giddy. (Video proof below.)

Pyrrha's first snow

Eating snow is also a very absorbing game (even if we just got a small dusting).

Pyrrha's first snow


Video 1
Video 2

Fun to watch her romp in it this afternoon, but I confess I’m really desperate for some sun and warmth…


6 thoughts on “Pyrrha’s first snow

  1. How beautiful! We don’t get snow here (hardly ever), and I miss it. There’s nothing like waking up to a blanket of snow on the ground–but sun and warmth are definitely nice, too!

  2. She looks so happy and confident in your videos.

    All of my dogs have loved snow. I sometimes wonder if they appreciate the stimulation of all the motion in the air.

    I’m not a big fan of cold. But I must say a happy dog on a snowy day makes it tolerable. 🙂

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