Review: ToughHound collar

ToughHound ID collar in neon pink.

Pyrrha was asked to try out the ToughHound All Sports collar, which retails for $29.95. This heavy-duty, nylon/plastic collar comes in a range of bright colors with an attached, stainless steel ID plate (see below).

ID tag close-up. (Details blurred.) Font: Bodoni.

The ID plate can be customized with four lines of text from a choice of 13 fonts. I liked the wide range of font options (being somewhat of a design snob) and I ended up choosing a bolder, serif font for readability, although there are plenty of “fun” fonts to also choose from.

Pouty model.

The collar feels very hardy and I imagine it will last a long time. The thick, plastic material also make it very easy to clean. I’d guess that this collar would not get “collar stink” that cotton or nylon-web collars often acquire over time.

ToughHound collar review

Pyrrha wore the collar for Sunday’s play-date with the boys and it held up to all kinds of wrestling and romping. The collar comes in three widths (she’s modeling the 1″ collar, the largest size) but I do think it is a collar that’s best for big dogs. The plastic material is somewhat heavy and I think it might weigh a smaller dog down a bit.IMG_2624

All that said, Pyrrha is enjoying this rough-and-tumble sports collar and it is nice to have that complete reduction in the noise of jingling tags. In short: Pyrrha recommends it. For more information or to order, please visit Dog Bark Collar.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with a collar in exchange for this review, but all opinions are mine. Please also note that Pyrrha and I do not endorse bark collars or shock collars, which this company primarily sells.

5 thoughts on “Review: ToughHound collar

  1. Am always on the look-out for good collars. I only do collar-tags (Boomerang I keep a stash on hand; because I don’t know the name of the dog who will need the tag, the rescue dogs’ all say “If Alone, I’m Lost” with similar information as yours. Good to hear it held up well tumbling with the boys. It doesn’t look stiff, either, which it sounds like from its ingredients. I’ll check this out – and Pyrrha is lovely modeling her collar.

  2. I almost did a review of the same collar, but I had some life issues going on at the time, so I passed on it, but I was really curious about how it would hold up. I’m glad that you were really happy with it!

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