Snow romp

More snow

The snow has all melted now, but when it’s here, Pyrrha certainly delights in it.

More snow

Hope you are all well and warm! Pyrrha doesn’t know it yet, but we’re already getting really excited about our visit to her little Aunt Georgia in a few weeks. I hope she is able to temper her excitement and play gently with baby Georgia, who is only about 7 lbs.

Unrelated: Anybody want a 45-lb. bag of Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream? Turns out Pyrrha’s digestive tract really does NOT like salmon! May try to donate it to the local shelter or her rescue, if they’ll take it…

2 thoughts on “Snow romp

  1. My dogs would delight in it, but shipping would be prohibitive. Exchange it if you can and if your store is like mine, they will donate it to a local shelter.

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