Sunday walk by the river

Sunday walk by the river

This past Sunday, I took Pyrrha on a long walk along the muddy river near our house. We have both been cooped up for far too long, owing to the cold weather (which I am admittedly a huge baby about).

Sunday walk by the river

Our outing reminded me of the deep joy I receive from a long walk with my dog. I don’t think there is anything that can compare. It is such a peaceful, renewing activity. I derive so much joy from watching her just be a dog: sniff every third plant, stand guard after every rustle in the woods, get ready to chase after every single squirrel.

Sunday walk by the river

Sunday walk by the river

I was desperate for a dog for so many years, as you know, and yet my desires for a dog have always been simple: I have always just wanted a dog of my own to walk with me. And now I have one.

6 thoughts on “Sunday walk by the river

  1. This might be one of my favorite posts of yours, yet. I absolutely agree that my favorite place to be is on a long trail with my dog(s). It brings a sense of comfort and serenity I can’t find anywhere else. I am also a stickler for enjoying the little moments. SO many times we wait and wait for something; the right relationship, a new house or job, and then when it finally arrives, we grow complacent with it. I love that you take time every day to appreciate Pyrrha, and love her faults as she loves yours. She is so lucky to be loved by you!

  2. “I have always just wanted a dog of my own to walk with me.”

    That sums it all up for me too. Those words could not have come at a better time for me, so I thank you for the perspective. It looks like Pyrrha is quite happy to oblige!

  3. That is so well put. I feel the same way about Rufus as well. Even though we fostered a ton before adopting him, how I felt with him was just different. He may have his issues, but he mirrors my energy so well. Walking with him is my favorite part of my day.

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